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  1. My sleep cycle has been all out of whack ever since summer started. Far too many days where I've stayed up until the early hours of the morning and woken up at some time between Noon and 2PM. It came to a head yesterday when I accidentally slept in until 3PM after staying up until 4AM the night before (not by my own choice, but because I simply couldn't fall asleep) so I figured I'd try a little experiment. As I'm typing this I've been awake for nearly 33 hours, thinking that if I exhausted myself enough that I'd be asleep by now and finally be able to start waking up before noon again. Surprise, surprise, despite feeling like I was about to just pass out on the floor earlier today I'm somehow not tired again.

    Does anyone have any advice on how to resolve this issue? Better yet, does anyone else have a sarcastic response that won't help in any way whatsoever? That would be much appreciated.

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    2. geo


      Half serious answer: Purple urkle. I heard it on a TV show so I looked it up. Weed that helps insomnia.

      Dead serious answer that works for me: I think the real way is stay up late a day or two before you need to have a sleep schedule. Set your alarm clock early, wake up do a whole day to the point you'll be tired enough to sleep on time. Fight falling asleep or napping until the time you're supposed to sleep. Then have an alarm to start your schedule. That seems to be the quickest way to jump start my being on a schedule, but everyone is different I guess.

      Eventually you'll get to the point where you won't need the alarm it'll just be natural. I've had some fucked up sleep schedules in the past. Waking at 11pm for work, 4 am to help on my uncle's farm at 5 am.

    3. TwinBeast


      Browse Post Hell in the middle of the night. It's bright yellow/orange, which helps making you sleepy. Blue color makes you stay awake. Try using f.lux with computer. Basically you need blue light during the day and orange light during evening.

      Go outside during the day, and do some physical stuff somewhere around mid day. After 6pm, do something less intense.

      If none of that helps, try getting some melatonin. I haven't tried it myself, but it probably works. For me it was enough to do the stuff above.

      Also after long wake period, it's possible to be "too tired" to sleep. May take a few hours before you can fall asleep.

    4. 40oz


      What have you been doing up late at night? If you've been playing games or obsessiely doing other mentally occupying tasks, its not easy to immediately switch to sleep mode, even when physically tired. Your mind might still be racing with all the mental stimulation and needs a lot of extra time to wind down. It's especially more difficult if you have a tv or computer in your bedroom where you do these things. Keeping your bed seperate from your living space helps your mind transition from active to sleep. When they're in the same room, there's a lot of gray area between the two times.

      If it's actually insomnia, I don't really have any comment on that as I've never had to deal with it.