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  1. And it was good.

    Yeah, that's pretty much it. I thought I had more to say, but apparently not.

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    2. Linkrulezall


      Funny how my threads with the least substance end up starting the most discussion, eh?

    3. j4rio


      TheCupboard said:


      Yeah, powder. It wasn't too bad for a legal high, but I can imagine how somebody gets to freak out from the side effects. I guess that's why almost nobody has bothered with banning it. It's an interesting thing, nobody is really too sure what causes the effects, it's definitely not myristicin alone though. I'd say if you want to mimic the desired effect without involving the side effects, combination of myristicin and elamicin (4:1) would be the closest you can get to it, but that's only my hypothesis. There's only safrole in high enough concentration blamed as cause of side effects. Well, it is hepatotoxic on its own, but it's debatable whether it's in high enough dose to really cause something notable. The prolonged set of effects indicates it's a metabolite of either myristicine or elamicine (or both) that is the active form, and both are anticholinergic, so the cottonmouth and tachycardia will most likely persist even if you take extracted myristicin alone.

    4. SYS


      Nostradamus supposedly performed his "scrying" sessions by snorting nutmeg and then gazing into the reflection of a bowl of water.