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  1. Hello, everyone! I've been browsing this forum for years now.I've played a lot of wads since 2003, both good and bad. But one thing you guys can do, is make maps, so I just play the them. Not too bad for a grandma, huh? By the way, my grandkids don't know. Soooo... you all keep up the good work, and have a good year!

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    2. EarthQuake


      Well this is pretty cool.

    3. esselfortium


      What are your favorite WADs from the ones you've played?

    4. GreyGhost


      Snakes said:

      Oh my goodness... What will GreyGhost think of this? He's held the "Elder Statesman" for such a long time that it very nearly defines his personality.

      I'm cool with it, so long as grouchbag doesn't have a sex-change operation I'll remain the "Elder Statesman".

      Maes said:

      Well, he will still have the undisputed title of "grizzly old fart".

      *glares at Maes and shakes zimmer frame in a vaguely threatening manner*

      Technician said:

      GreyGhost is . . . shy around women.

      How often must I say this - quit cyber-stalking me! :P

      @grouchbag - welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay and beware of corrupting influences.