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  1. Round 2! 15 minutes for prep starts now.
  2. Time's up! I was busy with my map and forgot to post on time, so time's up!
  3. YOUR THEMES ARE: -Doom 1 bestiary only (a nod to the origin of dead.wire, Torm's E1M7 contest) -Arena map built around a single particular weapon (a trope used in dead.wire and dead.air) Begin!
  4. Annnnnnnnd April Fish! These resources are courtesy of dead.wire, right down to the invisible enemies! These are the members of the cast that have donned their invisibility cloaks: -Imp -Lost Soul -Cacodemon -Hell Knight -Baron of Hell -Pain Elemental -Spider Mastermind -Cyberdemon Beyond that, every monster has had their alert and active sounds removed in accordance with dead.wire's alterations. Bear this in mind while mapping.
  5. 15 minutes for prep, here's your resources!
  6. Obsidian

    What's your "mapping style"?

    I AM A GIMMICK THAT WALKS LIKE A MAN There we go, that's my mapping style.
  7. Sure! There's no stipulation that the map you submit has to be made specifically for the project, so go for it. :)
  8. Alright, donezo! Name: Ghosts in the Undergrowth Map Format: Boom Ports Tested: PrBoom+, ZDoom Build Time: 13 hours Textures: Jimmytex + a sky included in the wad External PWADs: Jimmytex.wad Requirements: No jumping/crouching Music: "Alice" by Jimmy (I tried making my own music for the map, but I need a looooooot more practice :P) Based on a Jimmy project from a few years ago: I don't want to spoil which just yet, hopefully it should be obvious once you start playing. Thanks to General Rainbow Bacon and TheMionicDonut for testing! Screenies! Spoilered to protect Jimmy's virgin eyes.
  9. Obsidian

    all time best wads or hiden gems

    Might I recommend Impossible: A New Reality? Also moved.
  10. Annnd done! Fifteen minutes for testing starts now!
  11. THE THIRD THEME ISSSSSS... 3. Mandatory lite-amp goggles LET US BEGIN
  12. 15 minutes to gather resources! The texture pack is The Darkening E2, same as Round 1.
  13. Starting round 2 in less than 30 minutes!
  14. OP has been updated with interested mappers and completed maps!
  15. That would likely mess with other people's submissions, so I'm afraid not. As for everyone else, I promise I still exist! D: Life's been taking up a lot of my attention, but I'll look over all the new stuff as soon as I can.
  16. The session which was previous. IT'S STILL A THING The fifty-second Abyssal Speedmapping Session will be happening on Saturday 27th at 1900 GMT (2 PM Eastern time), with a second session at 0700 GMT for the Europe peoples. You can join the Discord server here (temporary membership, so it'll boot you when you log out) and a countdown to the start of the first session can be found here.
  17. Alright, 5 minutes to get familiar with the textures! The 3rd texture pack added is the Erratic Texture Pack.
  18. Alright, the resource gathering for round 2 starts now! I'll post a wad containing the 3 texture sets for the session at the 10 minute mark.
  19. Your texture packs are: IK Pack Lego Textures Here's a hastily thrown together combination. BEGIN!