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  1. It's time for MAYhem! Yes indeed, it's that time of year again! For those not in the know, MAYhem is a community project started over ten years ago that involves folks mapping to certain themes or restrictions during the month of May: as an example, last year's iteration had mappers paying homage to works from the first ten years of Doom mapping. It was kicked off in 2012 by TheMionicDonut, carried on by Marcaek and is now hosted by yours truly. So what's the theme for this year? Considering the previous installment asked people to look towards the past in their work, this year I've decided that we should look towards the future instead! Space-age chrome! Future-tech bullshit! Eternity format! ...wait, what? Yep! Not only do you get access to Boom and its myriad capabilities for this year's MAYhem, but you can map for the Eternity Engine as well! Should you step up to the plate and give it a try, you will be able to utilize the many wild features that Eternity has to offer in your work and truly propel your maps into the future! ...no, but seriously, you can screw around with portals. Shit's fun. Rules? We got 'em! We are mapping for Doom 2 in Boom format (complevel 9) and Eternity (Doom-UDMF): you have the option of either format for this project and mapping for Eternity is not mandatory (although it'd certainly make me happy :P). Make sure you test your maps appropriately and mention which format you used on submission. If you're interested in mapping for Eternity and would like a primer on how portals work, an example wad can be found here. If you have any Eternity-related questions, the Eternity Wiki is an invaluable resource. You can also ask here if you need further help. Difficulty settings and co-op starts need to be present in your map. Your resource pack can be found here. The textures are primarily from Ancient Aliens, the Noir Texture Pack (courtesy of Fuzzball) and Mars 3D, with a few other additions from various miscellaneous resource packs in the community. Skies are from Mechadon's big ol' box of skies. There are also some replaced Things to better fit the space age theme: an example map is provided here to showcase the items. Custom textures are allowed, so long as you run them by me first. ๐Ÿ‘ An optional pack of custom monsters is available here: these are Eternity-exclusive and do not replace any of the stock monsters. Use them sparingly! The deadline is May 31st at 11:59pm, Yankee Time Zone (Y). A countdown timer can be found right here. And your time...starts...now!
  2. Why am I doing this? Because someone has to, that's why! Next year marks the 30th anniversary of Doom and I have no doubt that we'll see some of the big guns getting pulled out to celebrate it, so this thread will be used to collate all the projects nominated between now and the next Cacowards. If you're new to the process, here's some tips: If there's a piece of work that you find particularly awesome, mention it in here! Make sure you include the name of the project, the author and a download link The purpose of this thread is merely for people to mentionate projects, so try and keep discussion to a minimum Bear in mind that winners are not chosen by the amount of times a project is mentioned or the amount of reactions it has accrued: the Cacoward judges will use this thread to see what releases are notable, but the final decisions are made at their discretion Please do not nominate your own project There is a small grace period at the end of each year for the sake of giving as many releases as possible their due consideration: as such, any projects released after about mid-November are eligible for the 2023 Cacowards Happy Dooming!
  3. Obsidian


    I am inclined to agree. Maybe have a read of this before posting another project thread.
  4. I was thinking of using the Grell for my second submission, so go ahead and toss that one in. ๐Ÿ‘
  5. Obsidian


    Err, John Mama. Anyway, closing this very dumb thread.
  6. @MObreck I'd prefer to keep the weapons stock, yeah. As for the monster additions, if I can finish my first map this weekend I'm considering using a couple in a quicker second submission. :)
  7. Only the compiling, not the submissions. :P But yeah, give or take a few hours there's still a week left before pencils down. Looking forward to seeing what people bring to the table!
  8. Damn good stuff! Has some really nice visuals and I appreciate the way that it opens up ways back to previous parts of the map, helps with exploration.
  9. WELCOME TO THE DOOMWORLD MAXIMUM PROJECT 2023! Description This is a project where anyone can submit a map regardless of their level of Doom mapping skill: you have the entire year to submit your own little pile of linedefs and eventually it'll be showcased alongside all the other submissions in a spiffy little compilation. Whether it's something made specifically for the project or just an old map you have lying around, all maps are welcome in the Doomworld Maximum Project. Rules One map submission per person. Map must be playable in singleplayer and be for the Doom 2 IWAD. You can map for any format or compatibility mode. When submitting your map, please specify what format the map is for. A side note for anyone mapping for Eternity: the presence of PNGs in the compilation has the unfortunate side effect of making Eternity take a very long time to load it up. Just something to bear in mind. ๐Ÿ‘ If you're mapping for ZDoom or GZDoom, please do not submit in pk3 format. PLEASE test your maps in the format you made them for: check for things like doors and lifts not having the appropriate tags, as some source ports like ZDoom fix those ingame and can fool you into thinking that they work fine when they don't. No DeHackEd content, but other custom content is allowed: this includes textures, music, DECORATE, whatever you can think of as long as it doesn't replace other Doom 2 resources and isn't too ungainly. Credit your content sources! If you're using custom textures, make sure that they're all named with a 3-letter prefix of your username: something like OBS*****, for example. Resources (not including the map) must not exceed 2mb. If you're using an external texture pack and you're not all that versed in wad compiling, I'm fine with you sending me a message for help with it. No reserving MAP07 or MAP30 slots. No using the secret exit actions. All submissions are welcome: small maps, big maps, slaughter maps, joke maps, anything that isn't purposefully abusive is allowed and encouraged. Go nuts! The deadline is midnight on the 1st of January, 2024 in Yankee Time: here's a countdown if you'd like to keep track. And most importantly, have fun! Your time starts now!
  10. Obsidian


    This is in the text file that came with MyHouse.wad: Have a bit of respect, come on.
  11. Liking what I'm seeing! :D Also wasn't aware that slopes worked as intended now, gonna have to explore that sometime later. Also! The resource pack has received an update: nothing groundbreaking, just a couple of additional textures and a bit of graphical work that needed attending to. Massive thanks to @Dragonfly for the M_DOOM graphic, I'd be lost without ya. :P Link in the OP has been updated.
  12. Obsidian

    Time to Cancel John Carmack

    Yeahhh, locking this one before it goes somewhere wholly predictable.
  13. It's MAYhem time, bay-bee! That zany project where a bunch of schmucks make a megawad's worth of gimmicky maps in a month! We've traipsed from Eternal Doom to Orange is the New STARTAN to that one Megaman-themed one that we don't talk about (shhhhh) and now we finally find ourselves here in the year 2022. And with this iteration, MAYhem officially turns 10! So what better way to celebrate this step forward than by promptly spinning on our heel and looking back? Yes, this installment of MAYhem pays homage to the great projects that came before: the humble slaughtery origins of Hell Revealed, historically amusing swansongs like Requiem and the mad genius of STRAIN - all of these projects and more have inspired the community onward to greater heights over the years and this year's MAYhem will be a celebration of those very accomplishments. To this end, I have dubbed this project "MAYhem 2022: Memento Moron": no matter how learned you may be in the ways of mapmaking, always remember that you're an idiot who could always stand to learn more from the days gone by. The Rules and Such We are mapping for Doom 2 in Boom format (complevel 9). Test your maps in the appropriate source port with the appropriate compatibility level please. Difficulty settings and co-op starts need to be present in your map. This is the big one: your map needs to be inspired by a map from the megawads and community projects of yore. How you do so is up to you: whether you want to use a map's central gimmick, have a fondness for the atmosphere or just yearn for a particular sort of gameplay style, anything goes. Except plagiarism. That doesn't go. If you need a reference for what qualifies, click here for the 10 Years of Doom articles and go through the years to see the megawads released. If you have more specific queries, feel free to ask here in the thread. This bit isn't mandatory, but a little blurb to go along with your map talking about your inspiration would be very much appreciated. Beyond giving context to your submission, it also gives me something to add to the textfile when all is said and done and a lot of old community megawads would include cute little blurbs with the map information in the textfile. :P The cutoff point will be Alien Vendetta: any maps after then will not be in consideration. Sorry Scythe fans! Your resource pack is here: this is a medley of textures by Iikka Kerรคnen, Esa Repo and the good folks behind the esteemed Malice TC for Quake, with some skies by Mechadon to complete the set. Custom textures can be added to your submission, albeit with 2 stipulations: Don't go too crazy. :P Make sure you check the permissions of the textures you use: not all of the old megawads allow their textures to be used freely and I'd prefer to keep everything above board. The deadline is May the 31st at 11:59pm, Yankee Time Zone (Y). You can find a countdown timer here if you need it. The deadline has been reached! From here on out it's bugfixing and compiling: watch this space for the release of MAYhem 2022! Public Releases Version 0.1 (Beta) Version 0.2 (Beta) Version 0.3 (Beta) Version 1.0 (Polished) Version 1.1 (Polished) Version 1.2 (Polished) Version 1.3 (Polished) Version 1.4 (Polished)
  14. Good stuff! Just remember that Eternity's slopes currently aren't traversable in the traditional sense, so it's best to use them for detail that the player can't reach.
  15. Obsidian

    Why are theyre so many inmost dens remakes

    I'm reminded of Rob Zombie saying that every metal song since Black Sabbath is just a variant of one of their tracks, heh.
  16. Obsidian

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    Crossposting from MAYhem. :D
  17. Liking what I see so far! Here's my I've got going on, hoping to get it out the door in the next week.
  18. Obsidian

    Derpy Doom

    No worries, it's pretty clear that there wasn't any ill intent involved. I'd recommend checking this out, could be pretty helpful for you. :)
  19. Obsidian

    Derpy Doom

    Links in the OP have been removed. As for your question @BeefyBoi, it's actually quite simple: if your wad file has just the altered sprites included (between the appropriate markers of course), then they'll replace the stock ones when the wad is loaded alongside DOOM2.wad. Try taking a look at some of the wads other folks have released and seeing how they go about their business.
  20. There's no specific number, but I'd ask people simply to use their judgement when it comes to adding custom content: the textures you decide to include should compliment what is already in the resource pack in some way and as such the quantity shouldn't be overly excessive.
  21. From what I understand it has something to do with an unrelated incident elsewhere in the forum: I can't recall any interactions I've had with Mr. IcarusOfDaggers that have ended poorly, so I have to assume that his words weren't directed at me specifically. Either way, I'll remove his name from the list as requested.
  22. Indeed, I did notice that. I will still insist on them being exclusive to those mapping for Eternity though: part of that is admittedly a bit of enticement, but the other part is that the project as a whole does not really need custom monsters. They aren't the central focus, nor is the project built to accommodate them: it's neat to have them, don't get me wrong, but a fine line has to be walked with their inclusion to make sure they don't make the finished product feel too busy or complicated.
  23. Hey, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Head like a sieve sometimes, I swear. In regards to the custom monsters, I'm fine with their inclusion but I'll ask that you use them sparingly: considering they're Eternity-exclusive and not the primary focus of the project, it would be a good idea to place them judiciously when it comes to your submission. I'll add a link to them in the OP for those who'd be interested in using them in their maps.
  24. Haha, you're very welcome! Seconding this nomination. And I suppose a more general nomination of MyHouse.pk3, as superfluous as it may be at this point. :P
  25. And we have our first submission! Cheers TVK. :D I'm hard at work on my map as well: no screenshots just yet, but I am at least having fun with portals.