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  1. do be do lala goldfish

  2. Hot damn, I'm really not on here as much. Makes me a sad.

    1. Jimmy


      You will be ass-imilated back, mark my words.

    2. Obsidian


      Heh, probably not until June. School is a hell of a drug.

  3. That's no beaver, that's a porcupine!

    1. Gifty


      *rippin bass solo*

  4. howdy doody im gonna use this spot here to witter about Dead Space




    So I'm not much of a horror game player. I like them, love them even, but I'm generally rubbish at playing them. I get jittery pretty easily and if things get too intense then I have to put the game down (I tried playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent twice and both times I had to stop after 30 minutes due to nerves). And I've always been kind of sad about that. To me, horror games attempt more than almost any other game to subvert expectations and reach past the medium in which it is confined to affect the recipient: it's an amazing genre with some excellent games to show for it.


    And then we have Dead Space.


    I remember seeing the marketing for this game years ago (along with Left 4 Dead; always raised an eyebrow at the hand-oriented marketing for the both of them): I thought it looked neat and foreboding and I'd have been game to try it if only I had the means. Of course that was about 10 years ago by my measure and since then I've found out a decent bit more about this game. Chief among my sources for Dead Space info was Zero Punctuation, which tore into the game with a fair bit of abandon. It was fairly disappointing to see: I've been a fan of the video series for some time and to see him judge what I thought was a neat concept as tawdry chaff didn't exactly raise my hopes for what my experience would be like. At the end of all that though, I still had an interest in seeing it for myself.


    Obviously I won't be reviewing the entire experience here: it's fairly decent-sized and to linger on too many details would be tiresome, so broad strokes are necessary. The game is mostly built around you exploring a devastated mothership in an attempt to deduce what happened, breaking up each visit of an area into chapters and reusing the odd couple for the story's sake. Along the way you'll be facing off against Dead Space's signature Necromorphs using the slew of weaponry the game provides you with. That's a summary in broad strokes.


    I'll start off with what the game has going for it:


    -Premise. It's definitely a cool idea: a spaceship releases an alien infestation that warps the crew into twisted, fleshy abominations. What's not to love?


    ...what? Alien? Never heard of it.


    -Fun. Whatever I say about it next, for the most part this game has all it's marbles when it comes to the meat of the gameplay. You explore for resources and fight Necromorphs and both have their charm. There's little areas tucked away to search if you're feeling brave and resources are scarce enough that you don't feel too safe, at least for the most part. As for the combat, it relies on dismemberment to incapacitate and kill enemies and works really well: it feels more involving than the general method of pumping enough lead into your enemy that they crush bathroom scales underfoot. The weapons also serve the gameplay fairly well: you have your standard fare like the Pulse Rifle and Flamethrower, but you also have dynamic weapons like the starting Plasma Cutter and the Ripper for precise shots. I used the Plasma Cutter throughout the entire game and it never felt useless, which reflects good gameplay design. This ain't your Doom pistol, lemme tell you that much.


    Also the anti-gravity is neat.


    -Imagery. The Necromorphs look delightfully grotesque and there's generally enough monster variety that complacency doesn't become a huge issue. My favourite is the Divider, those are neat.


    But I imagine you guys know what's coming, so this is what Dead Space fails at:


    -Horror. There's various bits of panic from difficult combat situations and there's the odd startle, but horror? No, there's none of that.


    The reason Dead Space exists is because of one very influential game: Resident Evil 4. The most obvious caveat is the over-the-shoulder view, but it's also present in the abundance of action in what purports to be a horror game. Monsters pop up, you whack them down, you continue on your merry way, repeat. So what's the difference between the two? My first guess would be the tone. Dead Space's problem is that it's aiming for your standard horror atmosphere while boasting RE4's over-the-top, frenetic gameplay and the two just don't mix. RE4 knows what it is: it's silly and fluffy, with you trying to rescue the President's daughter from Midget Napoleon and company. The overall tone matched the frenetic core gameplay, in other words.


    So if Resident Evil 4 made its gameplay and story camp, then why is it more scary? All accounts point towards the subtleties: the depictions of the strange yet relatable, the well-used music, the random curios that aren't part of the main experience but help in giving it life and mystique. All of which are sadly not present in Dead Space, with its fully formed Necromorphs and the conductor falling into an orchestra pit with each encounter. It feels like the developers took their cues from movies rather than video games, which does a disservice to both. If I were to give advice, it'd be to perhaps introduce enemies that are in the process of turning into Necromorphs to emphasize and imprint on the player that these things were once human. That and some restraint with the music, heh.


    And as you may have guessed, the action-oriented gameplay doesn't lend itself to the more traditional form of horror either. Even the small points, like monsters dropping items and the chapter format, those do their part to breaking immersion and lessening the atmosphere of dread. The writing doesn't help either, with the attempted plucking of the heartstrings and the rampart cliche. One of the best ways to effectively horror it up is to make us sympathize with the good characters before awful things happen to them and it just isn't present, neither with the main character or the NPCs.


    -Story. Part of my beef with the story is covered in the previous part, but the other thing that bugs me is the fact that almost the entirety of the main plot is a series of contrivances. It's fine at the start where your initial objective is subverted, but after a while it just feels like the story is throwing roadblock in the way instead of organically progressing. It gets tiresome and - again - undercuts the tension the game is trying to achieve.


    -Those effing Drag Tentacles. It's an enemy that will kill you stone dead regardless of health level if you can't shoot it enough times. Sounds like any other enemy, no? Except this is while you're being dragged along a corridor at a weird angle, using your cockeyed RE4 aiming system that needs response time to position for accurate shots. It's annoying and the final boss pulls this trick as well for token gameplay variety. Oh yeah, speaking of which...


    -Random gameplay variance. I'm looking at you, turret sections and out-of-place optional minigames.


    I think I'm about run low on vitriol, so I'll sum up my thoughts on Dead Space. At the end of the day it is still fun to blast through and has the makings of something scary, but it shows that the people who made it didn't quite grasp the subtleties that make a game truly terrifying. And from what I know of 2 and 3, they never quite managed. It's a shame.

  5. Heh, I noticed that review you wrote for CtE. I can freely admit that my attitude towards map balancing is lackadaisical at the best of times and with the rate I was making these they didn't all get the attention they needed. Still, it was a learning experience and I'd like to think that I've improved since I made it. Perhaps my latest release will impress you more. :)

  6. Not fond of my old work, hmm?


    Heh, to be fair I was more concerned with gimmicks and mechanics than gameplay in those days, so fair, albeit harsh, criticism.

    1. Misty


      I didn't find anything broken or not working stuff. I hate to say that, but maybe it's time to use recomended ports, which won't break intended things. Yeah, it's sad to see cool stuff downgraded without telling why or trying to use other port for another gameplay and see if it's true before writing review. 

    2. Phade102


      I wouldn't worry about this troll. He only plays in a really shitty port, which means half his maps wont work.


    Heard this playing on an art stream I was watching today. Not really sure what to make of it, especially when it hits 13:18...

    1. silentzorah


      You can not grasp the true form of the art stream.

    2. Obsidian


      Glad I'm not the only one who was reminded of Earthbound.

  8. Any sprite artists around? I've got a project that's close to completion but I really need some boss sprites and my skill is not enough.

    1. MrGlide


      I can do it. Pm me or tell me what you want here.

  9. Been a damn long while since I uploaded anything to Incoming, haha...

    1. Memfis


      6 months for me. But maybe I'll fix that soon...

    2. Alter


      8 for me @Memfis I need to get going on something small again.

    3. Eris


      Pfff, you lot and your months. 4 years for me!

  10. So I need beta testers.


    I have a project that's been in the works for a verrrrrry long time now and I need some people to help me balance and fine-tune the gameplay, considering it isn't my strong point when making Doom maps. It'll be a mission and a half and I wanna make sure everything is perfect, so I'm only gonna accept beta testers that I know have the mettle (and the patience, heh) to take this on. Credit will be given when this is released, of course.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. tourniquet


      I hope it's Maskim Xul, waiting for it since 3 years....

    3. VGA


      If it uses Dehacked then I want to be a tester for it, PM me stuff!

    4. Voros


      It better not be more than 5 mb in download size.

  11. Thanks for the title Ling! =D

  12. Hey, does anyone know the source of the Creeper sprites in Survive in Hell? The textfile doesn't give permission to use the resources, but the Creeper sprites don't seem to be sourced and might be found somewhere else.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. franckFRAG


      Hey, contact JCD for permission to use the Creeper sprites. He shouldn't have a problem :)

    3. franckFRAG
    4. JCD


      You can use these sprites,
      This was just some screenshots edit ^^

  13. *Toot*

    Happy 22nd birthday, I guess. Cripes.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Nuxius


      Happy Birthday, you young whippersnapper! *waves cane*

    3. Tritnew


      You won't feel old 'till your 30.

    4. HavoX


      just remember, you may be old on the outside... but on the inside, you'll always feel young

      ...add this to the list of "HavoXism"...

  14. For some reason whenever I try to connect to #doomtwid I get this:

    Nothing else, just those 4 lines and that's it. Can someone help me out here?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Csonicgo


      OFTC's web client is broken this week.

    3. Marcaek


      why would you try to get back in there

      we've all been trying to escape

    4. Memfis


      Yeah, I remember using IRC in childhood and it was a horrible time sink. Get oooooooooout.

  15. I noticed this happening a few days ago after some difficulty with my internet, but whenever I try to go onto the Doomworld Forums index or Wads and Mods I get instantly redirected back to Doomworld.com. It only seems to do this on my laptop for some reason and I have no idea how to fix it. Anyone else experienced this?

    1. GreyGhost


      Try clearing the browser cache, and if that doesn't fix it flush the DNS Cache

    2. Obsidian


      It worked! Thanks GreyGhost. :)

  16. For a while now I've been angling to go to an institution called Media Design School for a while now in order to take a course on Game Programming, but a few weeks ago I had a rather humbling phone call from one of the tutors and yesterday I attended one of the Open Days and talked with some of the staff. The verdict: I should be doing Game Art?

    Apparently all the work I've done with designing maps for Doom falls under the environs of Game Art rather than Game Programming. The thing that worries me though is that the Game Art course also encompasses traditional art such as drawing and 3D modelling, which I'm unfortunately not so great at. I could possibly be good at art, but I honestly feel like I could use some help in this area. Is there anyone else on here who's looking to or is currently taking a similar course, and if so how would I go about securing a position? Portfolios need to be in by the end of this month and it's got me kind of worried.

    1. Liam


      go to an actual university for actual computer science or actual art/design

    2. Obsidian


      Liam said:

      go to an actual university for actual computer science or actual art/design

      10 to 1 I'll be bored out of my tiny little mind and flunk: there's a reason this is video game oriented. Plus the employment rate after graduation at MDS looks quite promising.

  17. A certain chunk of shiny black volcanic rock celebrates it's birthday in exactly one week. Said rock would be extremely grateful if it received some birthday maps on this particular day, so how about it?


    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. Phobus


      Obsidian said:

      Whoa, thanks man! :) Couldn't beat it on my first playthrough, but I'll give it a proper go later. Thanks! :D

      Was it a "fair" death or some classic "this clearly wasn't tested properly" bullshit? I'll work on getting it completed this evening after work either way, with adjusted UV (based on your feedback if there is any as well as my observations from a fresh play through) and the other difficulties implemented... Think I'll align that STONE3 wall overlooking the blood sea, too :p

    3. Springy


      Obsidian said:

      Was that you on Youtube? Haha. :D

      Yes, sunshine, yes, that was indeed me.

    4. Phobus


      Ok, map updated now with difficulties, alignment and tweaked balance nearer the end of the map. I'll archive it tomorrow if there's no terrible flaws with it!

  18. Yesterday I was a Forum Staple and now I'm a Senior Member, but I'm pretty sure my postcount's the same. Either the numbers have been changed or someone's done a TimeOfDeath and slipped me a custom title. X-D

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. GreyGhost


      Eris Falling said:

      WDIHACBN - 6000?

      I'll hazard a guess and say 7500.

    3. scifista42


      GreyGhost said:

      I'll hazard a guess and say 7500.

      I'd say you are right, since 40oz is Spammer and Graf Zahl has WDIHACTBN title. So it might be:

      1000 - Senior Member
      2500 - Forum Staple
      4000 - Forum Legend
      6000 - Forum Spammer
      7500 - Why don't I have a custom title by now?!

      Or perhaps better, to make the differences equal to 1500:

      1000 - Senior Member
      2500 - Forum Staple
      4000 - Forum Legend
      5500 - Forum Spammer
      7000 - Why don't I have a custom title by now?!

      Can this be confirmed?

    4. Clonehunter


      Well now I gotta work back up to Spammer again.

  19. In case you were wondering about my absence from the Doomworld forums these past few days, here is the reason: WestFest. This was definitely the biggest concert that I've ever been to and it's one I probably won't ever forget. I was planning on keeping a record of it while I was there, but lack of time and facilities prevented me from using my laptop. Oh well, better late than never.

    Wednesday, 19th of February.

    Had a bit of a madcap rush to Auckland and missed the first 3 acts. Finally managed to get to the Vector Arena in time for the 4th band and managed to get to a balcony area on the edge of the arena.

    Five Finger Death Punch: I thought these guys would absolutely suck, but this one was a pleasant surprise: I think it was just that stupid "Bad Company" radio single that gave me that impression. Definitely a lot of energy put into their performance and the lead singer managed to spark a nice circle it in the centre of the mosh pit. Might listen to more of their stuff.

    Megadeth: Dave Mustaine has jazz hands. Seriously, all his little hand movements cracked me up. Started a little rough and I reckon In My Darkest Hour should have been done a little later in the set, but they definitely picked up the ball pretty quickly. They also played movie clips in between songs: a nice little compilation of excerpts fro movies like Wayne's World where Megadeth gets mentioned. Dave Mustaine is a vain bastard and we wouldn't want him any other way. :P A good performance, although the moshing didn't get too mental: I managed to get a decent distance from the front and it was pretty tame.

    Also, I yelled at Dave Mustaine to play some Slayer. He didn't, but I'm pretty confident he heard me.

    Rob Zombie: Probably the most theatrical of the bunch: most of the band members were dressed up and decked out in makeup. Definitely a little more rowdy than the previous act, but despite Rob's efforts there weren't any breaking bones. Considering I don't actually know that much Zombie songs, I didn't quite enjoy this one as much as the previous set but that's just me. I love the fact that he proclaimed "We are not an American band: we are a New Zealand band!" while dressed in a top hat and coat with the Stars 'n Stripes before launching into "We're an American Band" straight after: you have to appreciate irony like that. The giant balloons thrown into the audience during "Sick Bubblegum" were a nice touch, although I think a good portion of the audience(including me) were more focused on trying to whack the balloons from that point onward. Heh.

    Good night all round, spent too much money, lost half of my hearing, generally had a good time. Followed by driving around for 3 hours looking for a hotel and eventually sleeping in the car boot. Good times.

    I'll post the next day some point soon, along with some of the loot I got in Auckland. Peace out.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Obsidian



      Also I should probably post Day 2 at some point.

    3. sirjuddington


      Megadeth were meant to be at soundwave this year too, but pulled out because the organiser is a douche. Pretty pissed about that, they are the one 'big' band from my teen years I still haven't seen live :/

    4. Phobus


      sirjuddington said:

      Megadeth were meant to be at soundwave this year too, but pulled out because the organiser is a douche. Pretty pissed about that, they are the one 'big' band from my teen years I still haven't seen live :/

      They're the only one of the big four of thrash metal that I have seen - they play the music pretty much exactly like you'd hear it on the CD and don't interact with the crowd much, was my experience in the Brixton Academy about 5 years ago. Technical prowess was all there, but they didn't really put on a show like Iron Maiden did when I saw them around the same time in the same venue, for example.

  20. From what I can gather, CyBlock™ appears to be some sort of post modification(similar to Deathbringer's constant "uuuhhhh" syndrome) that shoves the user's post to the right and replaces it with this message:

    Posts blocked from view
    for Your Protection™
    CyBlock™ Technology.

    It also seems to have something to do with Cyb at a guess. :P Any members still sporting CyBlock™?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. GreyGhost


      Obsidian said:

      Any members still sporting CyBlock™?

      Don't know of anyone whose posts are currently being given that treatment, suppose you could try requesting it as an alternative to a custom title. ;)

    3. 40oz


      AndrewB said:

      Csonicgo had something like this for quite a while. I don't remember the branding though.

      Haha! that was hilarious. those were the days.

    4. Obsidian



      Heh, even I remember that one. Looking at PH, both Bashe and Doomaddict had it at the time. I think Bashe had it for singing off-key.

  21. So according to ZDoom forums, it's Huy Pham's birthday today. Have a good one dude. Unless it's not really your birthday, in which case have a nice ordinary day. Heh.

    1. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Whoa, I can't believe I missed this one... and my birthday was November 19th, and I'm 28 now. Thanks!

    2. Obsidian


      Welcome. If it's any consolation, everyone else forgot to notice this too. :P

  22. Yeah, so I made a website for myself using Microsoft Publisher a while ago, but I never figured out how to get the damn thing on the internet. Can anyone help? From what I've gathered I need some sort of webhost, but I can't really afford to get one I need to pay for. Plus I've never done this before. :/ Anyone have experience with uploading websites?

    1. GreyGhost


      I've done a few. A webhost certainly helps, if money's an issue you can start by checking out free hosting services - most of which rely on advertising to pay the bills and might upset your carefully crafted page layout. It's also worth checking if your internet service plan includes a webspace allocation (could be anywhere from 10 to 50 megabytes) and what conditions are attached to its usage. Self-hosting is an option if you have a static IP and a reasonably fast connection, but it's not for the fainthearted. A fourth option is to have your pages hosted as a subdomain on someone else's site.

      As for uploading - that's traditionally done with a FTP client, though whoever hosts your site might also support browser-based uploading.

      Have you tested your website with a non-Microsoft browser to see if there are any compatibility issues?

    2. DooMAD


      I've always been lazy and uploaded through the windows shell. Never bothered with an FTP client. If it's a Doom site and relatively small-ish I can probably host it. I can't recall how many ftp accounts I have spare, but I'm sure I can delete an old one that's not being used if need be. PM or email if you're interested.

  23. Apparently I'm a "Doomed Member". I don't recall that being one of the regular ranks, so I'm slightly confused. Also I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted. Heh.

    1. Show previous comments  23 more
    2. GreyGhost


      Must have something to do with the postcount, though apart from being my mother's birthday I can't think of anything in particular. Maybe an in-joke amongst the admins.

    3. Eris


      Ohhhh I get it now. That's only taken all morning.

      12 10
      December 10

      I don't recall ever having this title. Then again I probably posted so quickly I didn't notice it.
      Welp, that's another secret of Doomworld found.

    4. Acid


      Annnd, it's gone. Figured it was something like that.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. Obsidian


      Argh, I just noticed the Impse options! I didn't put those there!

      On a side note both Impses are neck and neck with 5 votes. Heh, darn you Grazza for sullying my beautiful meaningless poll. :P

    3. Netherstorm


      *cry* so beautiful *bawls*

    4. Bloodshedder


      Danarchy said:

      Then he fell in love with a fake girl, and ran off crying when he heard the truth, never to be seen around here again.

      I guess you missed her re-appearance in IRC a while back