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  1. In case you were wondering about my absence from the Doomworld forums these past few days, here is the reason: WestFest. This was definitely the biggest concert that I've ever been to and it's one I probably won't ever forget. I was planning on keeping a record of it while I was there, but lack of time and facilities prevented me from using my laptop. Oh well, better late than never.

    Wednesday, 19th of February.

    Had a bit of a madcap rush to Auckland and missed the first 3 acts. Finally managed to get to the Vector Arena in time for the 4th band and managed to get to a balcony area on the edge of the arena.

    Five Finger Death Punch: I thought these guys would absolutely suck, but this one was a pleasant surprise: I think it was just that stupid "Bad Company" radio single that gave me that impression. Definitely a lot of energy put into their performance and the lead singer managed to spark a nice circle it in the centre of the mosh pit. Might listen to more of their stuff.

    Megadeth: Dave Mustaine has jazz hands. Seriously, all his little hand movements cracked me up. Started a little rough and I reckon In My Darkest Hour should have been done a little later in the set, but they definitely picked up the ball pretty quickly. They also played movie clips in between songs: a nice little compilation of excerpts fro movies like Wayne's World where Megadeth gets mentioned. Dave Mustaine is a vain bastard and we wouldn't want him any other way. :P A good performance, although the moshing didn't get too mental: I managed to get a decent distance from the front and it was pretty tame.

    Also, I yelled at Dave Mustaine to play some Slayer. He didn't, but I'm pretty confident he heard me.

    Rob Zombie: Probably the most theatrical of the bunch: most of the band members were dressed up and decked out in makeup. Definitely a little more rowdy than the previous act, but despite Rob's efforts there weren't any breaking bones. Considering I don't actually know that much Zombie songs, I didn't quite enjoy this one as much as the previous set but that's just me. I love the fact that he proclaimed "We are not an American band: we are a New Zealand band!" while dressed in a top hat and coat with the Stars 'n Stripes before launching into "We're an American Band" straight after: you have to appreciate irony like that. The giant balloons thrown into the audience during "Sick Bubblegum" were a nice touch, although I think a good portion of the audience(including me) were more focused on trying to whack the balloons from that point onward. Heh.

    Good night all round, spent too much money, lost half of my hearing, generally had a good time. Followed by driving around for 3 hours looking for a hotel and eventually sleeping in the car boot. Good times.

    I'll post the next day some point soon, along with some of the loot I got in Auckland. Peace out.

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    2. Obsidian



      Also I should probably post Day 2 at some point.

    3. sirjuddington


      Megadeth were meant to be at soundwave this year too, but pulled out because the organiser is a douche. Pretty pissed about that, they are the one 'big' band from my teen years I still haven't seen live :/

    4. Phobus


      sirjuddington said:

      Megadeth were meant to be at soundwave this year too, but pulled out because the organiser is a douche. Pretty pissed about that, they are the one 'big' band from my teen years I still haven't seen live :/

      They're the only one of the big four of thrash metal that I have seen - they play the music pretty much exactly like you'd hear it on the CD and don't interact with the crowd much, was my experience in the Brixton Academy about 5 years ago. Technical prowess was all there, but they didn't really put on a show like Iron Maiden did when I saw them around the same time in the same venue, for example.