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  1. So I need beta testers.


    I have a project that's been in the works for a verrrrrry long time now and I need some people to help me balance and fine-tune the gameplay, considering it isn't my strong point when making Doom maps. It'll be a mission and a half and I wanna make sure everything is perfect, so I'm only gonna accept beta testers that I know have the mettle (and the patience, heh) to take this on. Credit will be given when this is released, of course.

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    2. tourniquet


      I hope it's Maskim Xul, waiting for it since 3 years....

    3. VGA


      If it uses Dehacked then I want to be a tester for it, PM me stuff!

    4. Voros


      It better not be more than 5 mb in download size.