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  1. Obsidian

    moments that made you quit a wad

    MAP15 of Memento Mori: I killed all the monsters, saved, looked for the secret exit...and then found out that MAP15 of Memento Mori has a bug where the secret exit gets permanently blocked off because of a mix-up with linedef types at a certain point in the map. Dropped like a sack of depleted uranium!
  2. WELCOME TO THE DOOMWORLD MAXIMUM PROJECT 2021! Description The premise is simple: this project seeks to get submissions from as many mappers as possible, regardless of status or proficiency. Whether you're just starting out on your journey or an old hand at this mapping lark, we want you! We take all comers and any maps submitted will receive feedback from myself or some of the other mappers participating. Rules One map submission per person. Map must be playable in singleplayer and be for the Doom 2 IWAD. You can map for any format or compatibility mode. When submitting your map, please specify what format the map is for. PLEASE test your maps in the format you made them for: check for things like doors and lifts not having the appropriate tags, as some source ports like ZDoom fix those ingame and can fool you into thinking that they work fine when they don't. No DeHackEd content, but other custom content is allowed: this includes textures, music, DECORATE, whatever you can think of as long as it doesn't replace other Doom 2 resources. Credit your content sources! If you're using a few custom textures, make sure that they're all named with a 3-letter prefix of your username: something like OBS_****, for example. If you're using an entire pack (OTEX, CC4tex, etc), let me know which one and I'll ferret out the textures used once compiling rolls around. No reserving MAP07 or MAP30 slots. No using the secret exit actions. All submissions are welcome: small maps, big maps, slaughter maps, joke maps, anything that isn't purposefully abusive is allowed and encouraged. Go nuts! The deadline is midnight on the 1st of January, 2022 in Yankee Time (the last possible place for it to be 2021): here's a handy countdown. And most importantly, enjoy yourself! 3-2-1-GO!
  3. Obsidian

    How do you find inspiration for your maps?

    Sometimes I dream of distinct Doom-esque areas and try to recreate them in the editor before they vanish from my memory. :D Otherwise I garner inspiration from other Doom work or sometimes just noodle around in the editor with weird overlapping layouts.
  4. Obsidian


    Post your Doom videos here, please.
  5. Obsidian

    Change damaging floor to non damaging floor

    I assume Boom format, considering that they mentioned voodoo dolls. I'd recommend looking at the generalized linedefs and tailoring them to do what you're looking to accomplish: remember that the Triggered option changes the flat to the flat of the sector that the triggering linedef is in and Numeric changes it to the flat of the floor it's raising or lowering to.
  6. Obsidian

    List of source ports

    Gonna lock this thread before it turns into too much of a dogpile, methinks. @RetroAkaMe, I think your intentions were at least noble, so hopefully you don't feel too dejected about starting this thread: I daresay a fair few of us have been in your shoes before when it comes to these sorts of things.
  9. ...hang on, why does my submission not have the music I packaged with it? EDIT: Just checked and the music I included is currently playing on MAP01: seems it wasn't renamed to account for its new position on the maplist. Rename it to D_AMPIE and it should work fine.
  10. Hmm, so it hits Crispy as well then? I had a feeling it might, hence my suggestion to play in Boom compat.
  11. Obsidian

    Brainstorming Name Ideas for My Next Project

    Unfortunately that word also pertains to something a bit less safe for work. :P
  12. Obsidian

    Brainstorming Name Ideas for My Next Project

    ~Into the Iron Sun~ ...I dunno, I was thinking of that whole "cowboy riding into the sunset" schtick.
  13. Obsidian

    Pour one out for the Light Amp Goggles

    Fun fact, that isn't the only secret that does that. :D
  14. Map name: Sanguine Slugfest Format: Boom (there's an odd bug in vanilla that I can't solve, so for now it's Boom compatible) Tested in: PrBoom+, ZDoom 2.8.1 Music: D_DDTBLU from Memento Mori (apparently Mark Klem never actually named it) Build time: A bit under 25 minutes, barring some bugfixing Somewhat untested, apologies!
  15. Obsidian

    I'm feeling filthy just asking this....

    Nah, this is the picture that they're talking about.
  16. Obsidian

    I'm feeling filthy just asking this....

    I can't speak about the impact Terry had on the Skulltag community, but I do remember this Youtube account being fairly active in their heyday. Seems to be abandoned nowdays.
  17. Obsidian

    What is a 'Terry WAD'?

    Then I'd recommend not bringing attention to them.
  18. Welllll, there was kind of MAYhem 2048... :P
  19. A part of me wonders if 1024 community projects could make a comeback at some point in the near future: I remember everyone being pretty tired of the concept years back, but these days I hardly see them mentioned in conversation at all. Maybe the time is ripe for, I dunno, Crampedness 1024. And no, I'm not volunteering to run it. :P
  20. Be that as it may, you're still misleading people by calling this NRFTL2 and - unless Russell Meakim himself shows up to declare it an official sequel - it's probably a better idea to have it named something less blatant. Hopefully my revision gets the necessary information across.
  21. Obsidian

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Behold, my disdain for crates. The map occupies the E2M2 slot, so I felt like having a little stab in Containment Area's direction. :P Oh yeah, and it works in vanilla!
  22. Clickbait is one thing, but calling this release NRFTL 2 is pretty much just downright lying. I'd recommend tweaking the title somewhat before you get more comments like these.
  23. Obsidian

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    Not applying to be a playtester, just wanted to make a suggestion: I know that there were a few dedicated playtesting threads around at some point, would it be worth it to link those in the main thread as well? Provided that they haven't gone completely inactive, of course.
  24. Obsidian

    help please doom builder 2

    I believe they want to add maps to their wad, unless I'm misreading something. Doom Builder does have an option to save maps into existing wads, but from what I've heard it's a bit temperamental: I would recommend downloading SLADE, opening up your separate wad files and then copying and pasting the contents of one into the other. Make sure to edit the map marker accordingly!