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    Yeah, a lot of my work has primarily been for Doom II. It's been fun toying with the various eccentricities present in the first game, although I'd need a particularly resonant idea to commit to any more episode replacements: I do so miss my Arch-Viles. :P
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  3. Obsidian


    One last update to do a little bit of balancing and catch some bugs: cheers to @Spectere for the playthrough on YouTube, very much appreciated. :)
  4. Obsidian


    Heh, the Lost Souls were set to Ambush by mistake. My bad. :P Anyhoo, new update! I'll finally get this thing onto the archives at the end of next week.
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    Eeyup! It makes sense once you've looked at both E2M5 and E2M9.
  6. Ah yep, indeed I did! Yeah, Cammy asked for a bit of help with some ambient sounds and I rigged up a patch to get the job done. 👍
  7. Wait, when did I contribute to this? I've got no recollection of such, but I have to assume that my name's in the OP for some reason.
  8. Obsidian


    Hey @Firedust, what was the closet in question? Finally got around to fixing up Wretch after taking care of some other obligations and it looks like the screenshot you sent isn't loading. Also cheers for reporting the secret exit error, seems the ladders were playing up again from when I did my last bugfix. XP
  9. The beta has been sent! Cheers Timilyo80 and ByRntStarOEI, very much appreciate the help.
  10. Ladles and jellyspoons, we are back! It's that annual mapping tradition where we relentlessly map over the fifth month of the year in a bid to make a zany yet coherent selection of maps: last year we traipsed into the future with the help of the Eternity Engine and this year we're... Well, have you ever heard of Exquisite Corpse? T'was a project released close to twenty years ago, with the premise of different mappers working on chunks of a map and only having vestigial clues as to what the adjoining map pieces looked like. There have been other projects taking inspiration from it over the years like the Angry Quilt series and I've always batted around the idea of MAYhem taking a stab at it someday, so...here we are! Now, rules! They're a bit dense this time, this is going to be something of an experimental process. Da Rules We are mapping in Doom 2 in Boom format (complevel 9). We may also use MBF21 if enough people are interested. Make your voice heard if you're keen! Remember to test your submission in the appropriate source ports! In keeping with the Exquisite Corpse theme, maps will be comprised of nine pieces by different mappers and the mapping will be done in a relay style: we start with one mapper making a map piece, then two mappers making the adjoining pieces, then three, then two and then one to finish off. I've pre-made the first map piece to get the ball rolling and give an example of what you're supposed to do. Pictures of the map will be provided below. I will select mappers at random from those who express interest and those mappers will be given 48 hours (so, y'know, two days) to construct a map piece: I'll DM them details to do with the adjoining map pieces to give them an idea of what they're working with and then it's all up to them. Considering all this needs to be wrapped up within the month of May, a time limit is necessary to preserve momentum and ensure that as many people can participate as possible. The cycle repeats once the map pieces are in and once we have nine pieces I'll put 'em together and we'll start a new map. If the first map process runs smoothly, we'll try having more than one map being constructed at a time. This is very much dependent on whether or not the initial process is held up by any mappers, so make sure you have the time to create something substantial should you be selected. Mappers will be working with a 1024x1024 square as their playable area. They can have detail outside of that square, but only if the detail doesn't intrude on other parts of the map: corner pieces will have a fair amount of space to play with, while the poor sap who gets the bit in the middle will be shit outta luck. :P Make sure you leave ways for other mappers to connect their map pieces to yours: doorways, windows, that sort of thing. You may use up to one key in your map piece. Gotta leave some for others! Mappers cannot contribute more than one piece to a single map. There's nothin' stopping you from contributing to the next map though, so feel free to put your name forward for that one. :) You may include your own map name and music with your submission: while the music choice on the finished map will be made at my discretion, I'll put up a poll with all the submitted map names once a map is done and let the public decide what it's called. You don't need to worry about difficulty settings when making map pieces, but we will be implementing them as each full map is finished. When you're done with your map piece, DM it back to me instead of posting it in the thread: you can post a picture or two in the thread if you like, but the name of the game is only giving the next mappers a snippet of what they're working with. I'll post the maps in their entirety once all nine pieces of them are complete. Your resource pack can be found here. This texture pack is comprised of the CR8 Quake Texture Set by Speedy and Mechadon and the Ogro Texture Pack by OgrO_FiX, with additional snow and liquid textures (thanks for the liquids, Mr Björling!) and some skies I grabbed from Plutonia and NEIS. I've also chucked in some composites and recolours to give a bit of variety to what is otherwise a very brown resource pack, heh. Feel free to make texture requests, especially if you're one of the current mappers: so long as they don't clash too horribly with the other textures, I'm more than happy to add them to the resource. And before I forget, some screenshots of the resource pack in action! Now, let the games begin!
  11. A LONG-OVERDUE STATUS UPDATE Rest assured that progress is happening on the first public compilation: I've been playtesting the maps to the best of my ability – and making tweaks and adding difficulty settings as I go – and crafting graphics for the eventual finished product. Like this status bar! There's only so much I can do alone though and I'm posting here to ask for some help. At this point the only map I haven't tested is MAP04 and I'm sad to say that it might be too arduous a task for my (somewhat lackluster) Dooming skills to tackle, so I need someone who's willing to give this behemoth a good thorough seeing to! This will entail: Playing the map in its entirety to the end (without using secrets if possible) Editing the combat encounters so they have some good flow and aren't hampered by either resource deficiencies or resource overabundance Implementing difficulty settings if none are present in particular sections of the map If you're interested in helping out, leave a message here and I'll DM you the unfinished public beta. And needless to say, your efforts will definitely be recognized in the credits once this is all done. :)
  12. Very much inclined to agree: Map Releases & Development already has a significant number of threads fighting for space and threads like these can only serve to make things more cluttered while not actually contributing anything themselves. Just something to bear in mind for the future, yeah?
  13. WELCOME TO THE DOOMWORLD MAXIMUM PROJECT 2024! Description For the uninitiated, the Doomworld Maximum Project is a project that accepts all submissions (regardless of things like map format or skill level) over the course of the entire year. Whether your map is a bespoke creation for this project or something gathering dust in your wads folder, it will be welcomed here with gusto! Rules One map submission per person. Map must be playable in singleplayer and be for the Doom 2 IWAD. You can map for any format or compatibility mode. When submitting your map, please specify what format the map is for. A side note for anyone mapping for Eternity: the presence of PNGs in the compilation has the unfortunate side effect of making Eternity take a very long time to load it up. Just something to bear in mind. 👍 If you're mapping for ZDoom or GZDoom, please do not submit in pk3 format. The same goes for Eternity and pke format. PLEASE test your maps in the format you made them for: incorrectly formatted resources or "ZDoomisms" can be easily avoided by proper testing on your part. No DeHackEd content, but other custom content is allowed: this includes textures, music, DECORATE, whatever you can think of as long as it doesn't replace other Doom 2 resources and isn't too ungainly. Credit your content sources! Textures, music, all that good stuff. If you're using custom textures, make sure that they're all named with a 3-letter prefix of your username: something like OBS*****, for example. Resources (not including the map) must not exceed 2mb. I'd prefer to not have to bundle someone's 150mb magnum opus into the eventual compilation, yeah? You can however use external texture sets such as OTEX: if you're only using a handful of textures it'd be appreciated if you included them in your submission in accordance with the rules, but otherwise it's okay to just mention what resource pack you're using when you submit your map. Bear in mind that this leeway only extends to well-known resource packs that might be used by multiple people. No reserving MAP07 or MAP30 slots. No using the secret exit actions. All submissions are welcome: small maps, big maps, slaughter maps, joke maps, anything that isn't purposefully abusive is allowed and encouraged. Go nuts! The deadline is midnight on the 1st of January, 2025 in Yankee Time: here's a countdown if you'd like to keep track. And most importantly, have fun! Begin the map things!
  14. I'd recommend putting a wee bit more thought into your releases going forward. This sort of taff is just clogging up the forum.
  15. Obsidian

    SLADE help

    Thread has been moved.
  16. Got a report that your upload contained warez of some description, so I removed the link. Bear in mind that none of the IWADs need to be included with your work in order for people to play it, as they'll almost certainly have copies themselves. 👍
  17. It's worth noting that UACMN2 isn't actually a Terrywad per se, it just wears the skin of one: Darsycho made it as a more well-rounded gameplay experience that still carries the visual elements of those wads. It also meant that Terry and Co. couldn't use the name themselves, heh.
  18. Oh hey, it's the little Noir status bar I made for ASS59! :D Congrats to you and the team for getting this done and dusted and a rousing Happy Birthday to Tristan.
  19. Obsidian

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2024

    Oh, it almost certainly does, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. :P
  20. Submitted a map! Textures are from the Erratic Texture Pack, with a few edits by yours truly. As an aside, I'm yet to strip out the unused textures or tidy up the automap: I will freely admit that this one was exceedingly last-minute. :P Hopefully I can send an updated version over the next day or so after the deadline passes.
  21. Obsidian

    Something i discovered

    I can confirm that there is an IP address attached to this account that originates from Poland. There are also 8 others that come from Bucharest, Tokyo, Amsterdam and...Washington, which is incidentally where the IP address for SHEYDE also originates. Care to explain?