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  1. I wonder about the DOOM maps being made into Quake maps from 1995 way before the release of QTEST1 QE1M5 DE1M5
  2. xbryan2000x

    OpenChasm (by alexey-lysiuk)

    Hmm, then someone can make a Blood Source Port i also wished someone would also reverse engineer Quake III IHV leak and write a bsp compiler for IBSP 43 that would be nostalgia as in early 1999 before Q3TEST
  3. xbryan2000x

    OpenChasm (by alexey-lysiuk)

    Before Chasm was released in September 30, 1997 Theres Info from Megamedia from May 1997 http://web.archive.org/web/19970719213958/http://www.chasmaction.com/default.htm It has pretty good info
  4. xbryan2000x

    OpenChasm (by alexey-lysiuk)

    For those who program C++ lets help and support this source port :D This could be the best chance for Chasm to be more easy-to-use and more less-broken I remember having a frustrating experience with the Map Editor i also remember on youtube when Awesomeware said : "editor is completely broken especialy due to wrong setting of player start (you have to hex edit the map file for them to work) map is mirrored ingame but not in the editor aswell as other problems easy not complex much like wolfenstein but one can work with 3d objects on ceiling/floor to break out of fixed wall height option to place/render lights on textures within the editor is a great unfortunately unusable for people that do not want to spend a lot of time and nerves with problems." And the multiplayer playing in the singleplay maps having dead ends and such, sometimes spawning somewhere outside the level You can also post your suggestions and your wishlist on what you want to see on the source port :) And the source was by "alexey-lysiuk" Heres my wishlist * A Less-Buggy and Functionable Level Editor for Windows * Computer Bots for Practice (I also remember quakec bots as well.) * 3O to OBJ/OTHER - OBJ/OTHER to 3O "Model Converter" * More... Best Regards - xBRYAN2000x
  5. xbryan2000x

    OpenChasm (by alexey-lysiuk)

    https://github.com/alexey-lysiuk/OpenChasm/ This is pretty interesting also i compiled it it couldent completly finish loading the data files although its runnable Here what i wish for OpenChasm * A Better Level Editor * TCP\IP Multiplayer * Computer Bots * 16 Player Support * Maybe a Teamplay and a CTF mode :) I think it had the Chasm Source it seems.
  6. xbryan2000x

    DOOM Press Release Beta - Making Custom Maps

    I tried Doom Builder 2 and made a new map until this happend when i ran EASYDOOM.BAT aka NEWDOOM.EXE P_PlayerInSpecialSector: unknown special -1 Doom Press Release Verison FakeDate by Lee Killough FakeDate uninstalled. hmm It may need some reverse engineering or something :/
  7. xbryan2000x

    Linedef NoClip Glitch (Doom Press Release Demo)

    http://www.2shared.com/file/6CzD8YuU/DOOMPRES.html My Modified DOOMPRES.WAD Showing a Test Map That walks through walls Is Anybody able to fix this?
  8. I created Test maps to the Doom Press Release Demo the only problem im experiencing problems with Linedefs it lets me walk them into walls and stuff Anybody know how to fix that and stuff?
  9. xbryan2000x

    DOOM Press Release Beta - Making Custom Maps

    http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=9895 This TC can play like the Press Release (except the BFG Weapon though) All you do is go to the menu Options --> General --> Arrow Right Next and then WAD #1 BETAGRPH.WAD WAD #2 BETALEVL.WAD It could be playable on multiplayer it seems but make sure every player is using those WADS otherwise it wont work :/
  10. xbryan2000x

    DOOM Press Release Beta - Making Custom Maps

    Hmm, is there some way to fix the Blockmap or something so i can get the wall noclip crap away :/ I did try looking for it its better for a Guide of something idk
  11. xbryan2000x

    DOOM Press Release Beta - Making Custom Maps

    Yandex is a editor for Linux is there anything that can edit Beta Levels in Windows :/ Or something like that?
  12. xbryan2000x

    DOOM Press Release Beta - Making Custom Maps

    This may be the problem The oringinal levels looks the same but works but its the same on my Test Map and then Noclips on the Linedefs/Walls I was using Doom Builder too :/
  13. Hi, i was expermenting the Doom Press Release Version from October 1993 it had diffrences like diffrent Lost Souls and stuff Its possible to create maps into the Press Release Even though its only useful on 3 Demo Levels and stuff The only problem im experiancing was I made walls and it goes through them like Noclip or something How do i fix those idk or is there a diffrent editor or a Windows Version of DoomEd besides NeXTStep If i were able to fix the walls problem then i can complete some levels and stuff ;) Any Help?