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  1. Deadwing

    Favorite Metal Bands

    I'm not really a big fan of Metal, but I enjoy a lot some bands of the genre: Opeth, Leprous, Tesseract, Tool, Baroness, Ihsahn, and sometimes Dream Theater, Haken and Mastodon.
  2. Deadwing

    Microsoft's GS Wavetable Synth is the best soundfont for Doom?

    Or GS Wavetable Synth or the specific soundfont proposed by the MIDI creator
  3. Deadwing

    blog: the door problem of combat design

    I usually have three ways to solve these scenaries if you don't want to change the layout: 1 - Keep the threat at low level: If door fights are boring, then make it as fast as possible without delaying the player progress, therefore they will stop being boring. 2 - Lure the player in before throwing him into a fight, so he's discouraged to go back unless he really wants. Some light lockdown might also help for the player to dive in. (for example, a pool of pain-sector in the entrance, or a lift). Sometimes adding covers options ahead the chokepoint is enough for the player to duck out. 3 - Use both. Of course, I'm talking about an isolated arena where you have only 1 entrance and 1 exit. In Doom levels, which has lots of interconnectivity and almost no-doors to keep the pacing, it's a lot harder for the player to know he's into an arena, which is good as a designer because you can try different ways to surprise him and create engaging situations.
  4. +++Lunar Catastrophe
  5. Awesome, loved the new enemies. I'll try to figure out how the Flamethrower guy works haha
  6. 7: Another cramped techbase, although this time it felt a lot more linear than the previous map, giving a bigger sense of adventure. I started playing with 30% health, and with the tight health placement, I had to be really careful with the corners and those pesky shotgunners. In the end, I got a strong feeling of this being a more elaborate map1, where you go into a "branch" to get a key and reach back the initial area , allowing you to use access the next locked area, also opening the map to different parts (giving a good illusion of non-linearity). The YK area was pretty interesting, although I was expecting more enemies when its final trap got activated, and the invincibility secret was another really fun setpiece. Others traps made me take more conservative routes (running into safety), due to low health, but the final one was a remarkable one, with a good baron placement (which was one of the main qualities of this wad - baron's are really hard to use, imo) and I felt that the most conservative way to deal with it was to run over through the lost souls so I could get some some space to take down the baron. 8: And here's is the finale! I remember well that level, it's really easy to stuck in your mind with a very remarkable layout and setpiece. The void setting with the open space makes this a refreshing map and a pretty good closer, although it isn't really that hard. After you kill all the Cyberdemons, you're good to go :D I didn't care much about the roaming monsters, so I let them in-fight with the Cyber, with made them to be more vulnerable and easier to target with the BFG (or rockets). Anyway, a great closer for a great journey :) 9: I should've played this before, trying to find the secret exit lol It's a really fun short arena styled map, which is very distinct from the previous maps. Again a very good Baron + Cacodemons placement, putting pressure on the player while he has to move without falling down and losing momentum. It's another good breather from the cramped techbases and one of my favorites from the set, although it's definetely shorter.
  7. 4: Another pretty good multilayered and tight techbase. The YK area that leads from the Plasma secret is pretty good and memorable. Going downstairs makes you feel you're into a labyrinth while in the top it's completely different with a nice setup where demons comes out of the fire (a nice retread of the setpiece from map 2). And we also get a early BFG reveal (although I wasn't able to get it >.<). It's a pretty fun level overall, others good moments where: The outdooor area, especially after the final and somewhat difficulty setpiece and the setpiece with lots of imps behind cages with a blinking flesh texture in the background. On my playthrough, since I'm playing continuous, I was really low at health from the previous level, and it was a lot fun crawling through the techbase and recovering back your health. Health placement in this wad so far has been pretty good (and tight) 5: Ok, this level is awesome. If the previous four levels were about tight techbases, this one is a lot more open, with a very remarkable opener and a small city to explore and kill lots of roaming monsters. Loved it! Also, BFG secret is easy to reach, which you'll want to use it to take down the group of barons in the finale. This level also had some good amount of rocket ammo, which made killing these Caco's and groups of Imps a lot fun. 6: Back to tight techbases. It's still a pretty good level, but I agree with @TheOrganGrinder and @Magnusblitz where things start to get repeated a bit. Still, this level has some pretty cool moments, such as the "infected area" where you open a door and all you see is the sky, shooting at infinity waves of pinkies in the acid/machinery room, which was a nice change of pace and the later sections, where you have to walk through tight platforms and acid pools, leading to a very difficult and cramped two barons battle (with Caco's and Pinkies).
  8. Deadwing

    Your Top 5 Doom II maps

    Monster Condo Tenements The Inmost Dens 'O' of Destruction The Spirit World
  9. Pistol (make it more powerful and with 100% accuracy) and the Single Shotgun (increase fire rate, maybe?)
  10. Deadwing

    Maps where UV was just too much to handle?

    I've played both Valiant and AA in UV, which was handable, but I think I would have enjoyed more if I played them in HMP.
  11. Deadwing

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I decided to take a bunch of pics for the Exomoon Director's Cut:
  12. Deadwing

    Exomoon Megawad [Director's Cut Release]

    Hey guys! So, after watching some playthroughs and seeing that the final boss wasn't working - at all, I decided to mess things up a bit and do a Director's Cut release of this. It a little bit easier than the original Exomoon, but most of these changes were done to reduce level of annoyance, improve pacing and to make secrets easier to find. In the end, it's around 100 little changes including some monsters status: Arachnorb has less HP and projectile speed is reduced, final boss is a lot more fair now, and the rocket spiders shoot only once instead of twice, reducing punishing effect. If you already played this, I don't think it's worth checking out, since all changes are subtle, but if you don't, I hope you enjoy the experience :) Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c58tzkxh73mrcew/exomoon-dc.zip/file Changelog list: I also took a buch of new pics, which are included in the OP:
  13. Thanks a lot for the awesome review and pics, Not Jabba! :) I'm glad that you've enjoyed both Moonblood and Exomoon! Both wads ended being targeted to specfic playerbase (especially Moonblood), which I hope I can expand in my next works.
  14. Deadwing

    Tip for Barons

    Door with legs and you only have a SS, "so fun!" Barons can be efficient, although I find hard to use them
  15. Deadwing

    Waru's Tiny Maps VOL.1

    Woah, I loved the texture combinations!