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  1. I use gzdoom builder and xwe. Sonar for composing midis.
  2. Using Mechadon's amazing skybox
  3. Woah, thanks leodoom! :D
  4. So, if I wanted to make an map area like 1.5x bigger, what would be the easier way to do it in GZDoom Builder? Thanks :)
  5. One more layout playable :D
  6. Now I'll think twice before placing a Pain Elemental lol
  7. Baron of Hell, they're usually ammo and time sinkers.
  8. Scythe is good because it starts really easy and then becomes more difficult little by little. Then later on you have some Slaughter-lite levels which aren't too hard to discourage the player but shows off a bit of the 'genre'. It was the first pwad I've played until the end.
  9. BTSX E1 or the first Scythe
  10. Finally got something playable. D: 10 more to go lol
  11. I wish I could learn all the tricks (and hotkeys) with Doom Builder, which makes things a lot easier. I only know few of them (copy-paste texture, easy door creation, sound propagation mode)
  12. "T'pol or Not t'pol" is a really strong song. I loved the chorus progression you've used too!