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  1. Hmm.. for me: - Grindy incidental gameplay where you are strongly encouraged to kill everything instead of just being able to skip these fights. (which is worse when there's Demon's, BoH and HK spam) - Long fights that can be solved simply by camping. - Traps after every item and/or switch you pick up, especially when they add nothing to the experience. - "tight-controlled design": Bars that traps the player and you have to hit a number of switches to exit the area, and other similar design features. - Fighting mid-tiers with anything lower than a Rocket Launcher (SS is fine as long as you don't spend most of the time with it) - Arch-villes being released/spawned after you kill a lot of monsters. It's not really bad, but I feel it has been quite overused in the last mapsets I've played.
  2. Deadwing

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    I'm really glad the experience has been quite smooth! Pacing seems good and there's not any bug in that level, although maybe I should switch the soulsphere with the BFG in the secret area? :P I tried to make the secrets more substancial in this mapset, which might make them not so advantageous if the player wants to speedrun, but hopefully the exploration factor is worth it. Next levels are going to be more... complicated, especially regarding pacing and navigation, so I'm curious to see if they're going to behave well D:
  3. Deadwing

    Favorite Doom music track?

    The one's from Gotcha
  4. Deadwing

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Sorry for taking long to answer >.< Weekend was very busy for me haha Anyway, thanks a lot for the playthroughs! Map 7 was meant to be some sort of boss level with some contextual elements for the lore while 8 is a breather between the previous levels, without Cyberdemons, Archvilles and barely any revenants too. Hopefully things will tighten up more for the next maps :D
  5. Deadwing

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Awesome! Thanks again for the playthrough! Yeah, the visuals are a bit too simple and I guess might be why people didn't got much interested in whole wad, maybe... I'll have to work on that in a future project, even if I suck at detailing stuff haha I hope it's not too hard to learn! I would recommend to download the lastest version, especially for the later maps which got some more substancial changes :D (link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ckcro74rd5qj7gt/exomoon-1.8.zip/file ) I'll reduce some plasma ammo for plutonia difficult (and make some fights a bit more tough too) :D. I'm glad you haven't got lost through the journey! So far navigation has been going good!
  6. Deadwing

    A shorter and better Doom II

    I think most of Doom 2 maps are actually pretty good. If I had to remove some that are not that good, that would be my maplist: EP1: Level 1: Entryway Level 2: Underhalls Level 3: The Focus Level 4: The Waste Tunnels Level 5: The Crusher Level 6: Dead Simple Level 7: Tricks and Traps Level 8: The Pit Level 9: Refueling Base Level 10: 'O' of Destruction!1 EP2: Level 11: The Factory Level 12: Industrial Zone (Exit to secret level) Level 13: The Inmost Dens Level 14: Suburbs Level 15: Tenements Level 16: The Courtyard Level 17: The Citadel Level 18: The Catacombs Level 19: The Abandoned Mines Level 20: Gotcha! EP3: Level 21: Bloodfalls Level 22: Monster Condo Level 23: The Spirit World Level 24: The Living End Level 25: A new boss level instead of the boring Icon of Sin
  7. Deadwing

    What are you playing now?

    Going throught Avactor. Some massive levels here, so I can only play one per day :P Mas 4 was my last one and my favorite so far. Loving the aesthetics and the sprite replacements. Monster placement isn't much my taste , sometimes being quite annoying, but on other hand there's a lot of nice and clever usage here too.
  8. Deadwing

    "Not The Cacowards"

    I think this is a pretty good idea. There are lots of quality wads already released this year and some of them will probably slip under the radar. This thread is a good idea to help them get some more exposition. As for myself, there's lots of stuff from 2018 I haven't played yet, and I plan to do it, but I don't remember everything that was interesting haha
  9. Since people are posting than one, I'll post other few I do enjoy :P Trying to make something out of rounded shapes: Some sort of Hall of giants style: These are from moonblood: Very simple but it feels very Doomy for me: Another of my favorites:
  10. Awesome D: I don't have many really beautiful layout >.< Maybe this one from Exomoon:
  11. Deadwing

    When Should You Introduce a Cyber Demon?

    It depends on what kind of mapset you want to create and how you want to communicate that to the player: An early Cyberdemon might mean that this will be a very difficult mapset pretty early on, or maybe a gimmick based-one. But then, the Cyberdemon doesn't need to be a huge threat, so you might want to introduce early to create a remarkable level early in a mapset (since normally early levels are just "filler"), where the player easily kills him by telefragging or with a BFG (why not?). It also makes sense to ask this regarding how your mapset will build-up through the levels. Will it get harder? Will it have late slaughter maps? Or will it be similar through the whole experience? Are you going to slowly introduce the weapons and enemies? You might want to think less about the map and more about the mapset experience, how it is contextualized and how it will build-up.
  12. Deadwing

    Popular/highly rated WAD's you're not a fan of?

    I'll have to add BTSX1 here :/ I'm playing through the whole thing (I'm on map 21), and while there's some awesome levels (1, 7, 15, 19), everything else feels too homogeneous for me, with a very similar look, elements (be visual or gameplay) and layouts. (corridors + dungeon crawling in techbases, where 19 is a good exception) There's a good focus on the atmosphere, especially due to the awesome MIDI's, which justifies the straightforward gameplay, but still, lots of the incidental setups are a lot grindy, with mid-tiers (especially HK and baron's) to kill with a SS where the player is in safety and there's no reason to move except in the expected switch/key traps. It would also be more enjoyable if there was more rockets instead of shells...
  13. Deadwing

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Awesome! I have no idea what happened to the arch-ville, though! lol You almost found the soulsphere secret :P
  14. Deadwing

    Exomoon megawad released! [+1.8 released!]

    1.8 version released! The new version has a fair number of changes regarding the later maps, especially related to pacing and navigation issues, based on what I've got of feeback with the last version! This will also be the last public beta version, where I'll now work in making the coop more interesting for the next release: Stable Release 1. Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/ckcro74rd5qj7gt/exomoon-1.8.zip/ Full changelog:
  15. Deadwing

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Thanks a lot again! It's good to see the map behaving well even when the player took path in a order that I didn't thought before haha