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  1. As for barons itself, they aren't too bad if you have abundant rockets or bfg to spare tbh. With a small group and working with some space restriction (not only walls, but also damaging floors, railways, height differences, etc), you can do some interesting stuff with them. However, they are indeed incredible boring if you have to deal with them with a SSG.
  2. What the hell happened there? D:
  3. Deadwing

    What are your creative crutches?

    Enemies behind corners, support texture everywhere, textures with "fog" effect, drop offs as a way to lock players, teleports to create non-linearity, rockets over any other weapon.. As for midis, add sus2 to every minor chord lol
  4. Aside from all the mentioned, also A2Rob and antares03
  5. Deadwing

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    As someone whom was refered to """"talented"""" in my childhood, I second this. Talent can only get you far until some point, but after that you will have to work yourself to get better anyway, which sometimes can become a crutch and hinder your progress. Of course, sometimes you'll have extreme cases of 3 years old childs playing drums or piano better than anyone will ever be, but in the scope of Doom mapping I don't think that would be the case of anyone :P (3 years old releases perfect Kama Sutra sequel megawad in 2 weeks lol)
  6. Deadwing

    Mapping - how much of it is talent?

    There's probably some talent involved, as with any other "skilled" tool imo, but also a lot of practice, learning and definitely creativity. Being influencied by different backgrounds also helps to get "there" faster, though. Still, honestly, in any field there will always be someone with (a lot) less experience that is capable of doing something "better" than what we can. It's not a competition, though, so (at least for me), one step at time and not comparing yourself to others is always an useful advice.
  7. Deadwing

    Moonblood Megawad

    Just finished watching everything, thanks a lot @DreadWanderer! Really fun playthrough and it was a great way for me to revisit these levels! Loved how you handled most of the battles and setpieces. The placement of enemies + resources can be indeed challenging in a different manner. TBH Moonblood is kinda of a weird child to me lol, which now I learned to appreaciate it despite the low initial reception, but tbh I didn't think I would still be able to see new playthroughs of it to this day. Thanks a lot again for sharing it :D
  8. Deadwing

    Post your Doom textures!

    Damn, those look fantastic! D:
  9. Congratz for finishing the wad! Loving all the colors and psychodely :D
  10. Deadwing

    TheBlurCafe's MIDIs - MIDI BOX 1

    Fantastic work! Loved all of them, especially Reach out for the skies and Void Satellite
  11. Deadwing

    SIGIL II (Releasing December 10, 2023)

    Dunno, I loved the original SIGIL. Romero's name definitely affects the experience, but it's hard to disassociate, imo. Still, about not winning a cacoward, I see no problem at this at all lol. Being a runner-up is still quite awesome, imo.
  12. It feels counter-intuitive, but requiring double layers to effectively block sound allows some nice tricks dealing with waking up monsters
  13. Far from a well known or renowned mapper´╗┐, but before I used to make some maps for Unreal Tournament and other games (cellphone ones), so I expect a lot of people here to also share the hobby with other games :P