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  1. 12: - Hardest map so far for me, especially because I played really bad >.< The beginning is really tough even though there aren't many monsters around, but their placement is tricky enough, and if you miss the blue armor, things will be really difficult. - It's non-linear but quite easy to find yourself, imo. - The setpieces were difficult, but I enjoyed them all. Had to spare the HKs in the 3 archvilles setpieces because of lack of ammo lol 13: - Nice map, with a really hot start, but it far from being as "bad" as it looks like. You can get most weapons and most enemies are turreted, meaning that you can take each one carefully. - It's also very plutonish, especially by looking at the automap haha But texturing sometimes was very experimental, especially with the "The Chasm" nukage fall areas. - Progression was good too, but I think it could have blue door signs also pointing to the central area. 14: - Cool map, but it was so far the hardest for me to figure out where to go. It's very short, but on other hand there's a lot of symmetry or something like that. Adding some health potions or enemies leading to the unexplored area could help a bit regarding this >.< - Visually it's stunning, loved all the height differences - That final fight was really tough! Thankfully after the opening of the doors I was given the choice to run to the exit haha
  2. 10: - This one feels like a breathing map compared with the previous one. It has a tough start, though, but it becomes easier as you get equipment and health. - It felt a lot playing the original Plutonia, not going too crazy with the setpieces. - Nice finale with the cyberdemon, with the cool towers with midtextures + chaingunners and releasing the revs to help a bit with in-fighting. 11: - Holy hell! That map was huge! It's a level that don't go too crazy with monster placement, but in other hand it exhales atmosphere. - Not sure if this is going to be the MIDI for it, but it fitted really well the mod of the level. - It's a bit too long for my tastes, but it's far from bad, some really nice vistas and battles. - Players might get confused to get to the upper level of the library section in the beggining. That skull switch is quite hidden. I also took a while to find the yellow door, but that's on me because I thought I got the RK and not YK lmao
  3. 4: - Fantastic map, with more focus on exploration instead of action-elements. It's a very contemplative map. - Due to that, navigating through it will prove definitely a challenge for many players, as I had to use automap a few times and got into the wrong way lmao I liked it, though. - It's quite easy action-wise, with forgiving setpieces, which is also not a problem for me either. 5: - Another great map! This one reminds me a lot of Gusta's maps from Plutonia 2: Fairly large, very intricate layout, with curves, height differences and a strong sense of non linearity. - Hardest so far of the batch, RK fight was tough but really well done. The last fight was also great, altough I think this is already the 3th or 4th final fight with an Archville haha - It can also be a quite challenging map to navigate through, which will annoy some players, but I enjoy a lot this approach. 6: - Nice departure from the previous map, this one being more action oriented and straighfoward. Difficult is also higher than maps 1-4. - Archville setpiece was really cool, and while I enjoyed the final big battle, it was way too easy to ignore it. One softlock would be really helpful to encourage the players to face the enemies at least initially. - I didn't record the first time I've played the map >.< So here's a SDA with me playing a lot more slooppy than I wanted 7: - Another nice map, reminding me initially of plutonia 2 because of all the turrets hitscanners around lol - It's more difficult initially due to the player having not much resources, but I also got myself struggling with ammo in the end. - I've found some small bugs such as misaligned textures and a waterfall that dove into the water lol - It took me way too long to find that switch that was actually in the middle of the big room, which hindered my enjoyment. I would suggest to add some health bottles or candles close to it, so other player don't do the same mistake as I >.< 8: - Another hotstart, but once you know where to go it becomes easier - First 2 Archvilles setpieces! :D Also loved the others setpiece in this map - It could have a little more detailing regarding some very peripheric walls in the central area 9: - 300 enemies, that's a quite big number! It's a great map mostly composed of incidental fights, surprisingly. It's not very plutonish, but it's good regardless. - Took me way too long to find the yellow key, not sure what I did wrong or why I didn't spot the correct progression "path". - It's a very non linear map and because of that you can miss easily some crucial weapons. As for myself I was getting too many rocket ammo until I realised I should go back and try to find it.
  4. Deadwing

    How do you aproach building maps?

    To be more exact: - Do you build on the stream? No, but some decisions such as detailing or most of thing placement I prefer doing on the fly doing multiple tests. Keys and layout are always planned, but I can change if I feel something will work better. - Or is planning more your style? Definitely a planning is required, with at least one top-down layout - If you plan, do you do it digital or analog? Analog - How do you approach either? First I think of a group of concepts, simple things like "indoor vs outdoor", "non-linear", gimmicks such as main enemy types or some contrasting element ("acid", "heigh variantion", etc). Then I start drawing on a paper, slowly, usually when I'm procastinating in work or waiting for something, thinking about the progression where some setpiece could've happen and etc, until I have an exitable map. - Do you do it on a topdown or a sideway perspective? Topdown, without too much detailing and scaling precision. The goal here, for me, is to have an "exitable layout" based on some group of concepts I thought earlier. If I think too much about monster placement or scale, the process becomes more difficult and I barely have anything good.  - Are you planning the rooms or encounters first? Usually rooms, but some key elements of some setpieces I can think on planning phase - Are textures or music determining the design or do you apply them last? Textures a bit, but it's not uncommon to change. Music has always been last. - Do you make/write your own textures/music? Music yes, textures I steal them from the Textures topic or known wads - Do you push the limits of 2.5D or is loyal to the original top priority? Well, things can always change, even later (asking someone to playstest the map for you)
  5. Maps 1-3: 1: - Solid Opener, quite easy and linear, but a fun ride. - Last setpiece with Arch was my favorite. - Progression to reach the RK Door was a bit confusing. I didn't get why the bars were blocking the access to the BK Door in the cave. 2: - Very different and detailed map, it feels harder than it actually is. - Has a strong sense of identity, which is a great plus. - It took me a while to realize that I can either open or lower the key bars by just pressing use against them. This will make things get a bit confusing for some people. 3: - Nice hot start that doesn't go crazy. - Really cool setpiece with the chaingunners in the way to the exit area. - Only found 1 secret out of 6 lol, although that one is really easy to find (I would prefer texture misalignment instead of a different one, but this also works) So far 3 really solid and fun maps that don't go too crazy. I know that the music is not all set, but will this have IWAD MIDIs?
  6. Deadwing

    Moonblood Megawad

    There's no episode selection in Moonblood, even though it is indeed divided in episodes (also, there's only 1 death exit, if I'm not wrong), but that division is more thematic instead of actual episodes :D
  7. Fantastic playthrough, @DavidN! I'm glad the levels have worked well so far! I'll make map 15 easier to navigate regarding the two red doors, so you don't get lost for too much time >.< You've said that in episode 1 you got lost a few times, do you remember which maps these were? Thanks a lot!
  8. Deadwing

    What are you playing now?

    I'm going through Speed of Doom, after reading some of the more recent views. It's quite different from I expected, I'm on map 20 and the later batch has been quite fun. The levels are well detailed too and it feels like a remix of Alien Vendetta + Plutonia 2. Hardest level so far has been the first one lol (I'm playing countinuous though)
  9. I agree with E3M8, it feels like id didn't know what to do with the SMM, and it was quite disappoint having no BFG in that level (as far as I remember)
  10. Deadwing

    How do I encourage players to switch weapons?

    I would say, limit shotgun ammo, make more rockets, chaingun and plasma avaliable and focus on strategic incidental fights using different distances and heights so changing weapons are not too slow to deal with the pressure from different types of enemies. (Mixing lower ties such as hitscanners - easy to take out with chaingun - with fast meatier enemies like revenants - best to use SS and avoid rockets - and slow meatier ones like mancubus - best to use with rockets or, if its too close, plasma)
  11. Deadwing

    Classic Doom Reforged. Would like some feedback.

    I think you'll likely get more feedbacks posting the project on zdoom forums, which is where usually most of the target base for mods are. Not saying that people here do not enjoy them, but you'll likely find a lot more enthusiastics on zdoom forums.
  12. Deadwing

    Mapping Cliches

    Yep, Nukage sucks, that's why we need more damaging water
  13. I don't think it's really bad level design, but these are things I don't like lol - High level of grinding: Taking time to kill lots of high HP enemies with low threat level (usually the player is in a safe position such as behind cover or circle-strafing enemies) - Super cryptic progression: Switches that you have no idea what they did or you have no idea where to go. - Room-corridor-room layouts, also lots of doors. - D_RUNNIN etc
  14. Hey guys! This will be the last update before RC1. The playtesting sessions are going really well and the MP3 soundtrack is almost done! With some things left yet to fix, I think it's safe give a release date for Ozonia: 23 December! The current wad has already over 20 iterations and lots of fixes have been made for some of the rough edges! Still, I'm in need for more playtesters, so if you would like to try it out, send a PM message to me!
  15. Deadwing

    Have your music critiqued / critique music

    Thanks a lot, @Lippeth and @FredK! I still have to improve some of my production skills (mixing and equalizing definitely) as the drums could indeed have some better sounding >.< Lippeth, the Ludwig's Castle CD is awesome, and I like how "The Fractal" and "Witch-O-Lantern" are so different, the first one keeping only one chord through the whole song and another will all sorts of wild progressions haha Also, production is really crystal clear and great vibes and vocals in there :D FredK, very nice orquestrated version of TNT intermission screen! Fits well with the Doom Eternal moody pics (which I still have to play it yet >.<)