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  1. I'm travelling to spain today, I'm nervous lol

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    2. Deadwing


      Holy shit, I envy you so much :D

      I've only to SA (where I live) and Chicago, I want to travel a lot more haha

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Travelling is something you will get comfortable with in a matter of minutes I think. Just enjoy the excitement it provides, because it is a rare kind of feeling that you won't get every day. ;-)


      Also, travelling is nice for when you want to learn things about yourself. That is always a part of the adventure, I believe.

    4. Deadwing


      Oh yeah, my first travel was one if not the best experience I had in my life :) you definetly learn a lot about yourself while travelling.


      Antares, I'm not going to Sevilla, but Allambra and Sagrada Familia I'll definetly go :D