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  1. Your progress is fast.
    Also on my project: I've made 14 maps so far and has concluded 17 maps should be enough (Doomwiki says >15 maps is already stated as megawad). Moreover, nowadays 32-map megawad sounds like a cliche.

    By the fall of 2016 I've planned 33 maps but the progress is very slow, because now I'm participating in many community projects (also speedmaps, you can check it out), and the quality of this submissions are even better than those which in my project. It does not mean that I give up, but I throw out potential improper maps.
    The reasons I shorten my project is: the making is turning to a slog, themes are starting repeating, this hinders other projects in which I want to participate, e.t.c.

    I will use MAP31 as final map (no secret maps), the intermission text should end the story.

    1. Deadwing


      It's not that fast, TBH (or not as much as I wanted). I've been doing that mapset for one year at least haha Also, my levels are usually short and there's barely any detailing, so that's helps a bit making things faster >.<

      Yeah, there's not much need for 32 levels. I'm trying to keeps things without any filler or subpar level, so the experience remains fresh even in the later maps. I'm also using secret maps as normal ones 😛


      Can't wait to play your new mapset, though 😄