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  1. rkdoomguy

    The music in the console versions of DOOM

    PSX Doom music is and always will be the best Doom music in my opinion. Aubrey Hodges is a genius.
  2. rkdoomguy

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    I also disliked Unruly Evil. It seemed quite pointless and a waste of time. There wasn't many interesting things in the map, and it was quite short.
  3. rkdoomguy

    Things that you thought about Doom that weren't.

    Like many others, I thought the Beserk Pack would last until the red haze disappears.
  4. rkdoomguy

    Nicknames for Doom monsters?

    Former Human/Zombieman: Weakling Former Human Sergeant: Shotgun Guy (which turned out to be the name anyway) Imp: Not Another One Former Human Commando/Heavy Weapon Dude: Bastard Demon: Pinky/Chainsaw Meat Lost Soul: Skull Hell Knight: Mediocre Baron Baron Of Hell: Baron Cacodemon: Troll Tomato Pain Elemental: Generator (generates Skulls) Revenant: Skeleton Mancubus: Fatty Arachnotron: Spider Cyberdemon: Big Daddy/HOLY SHIT! RUNRUNRUN!!! Spider Mastermind: Spider Bastard Arch Vile? It wasn't anywhere in my childhood.
  5. rkdoomguy

    absolute least favorite maps in doom or doom 2?

    The only maps I hate are Unholy Cathedral and Limbo.
  6. rkdoomguy

    Favorite monster to kill with what weapon?

    Personally, I like picking up a Beserk Pack and having a short boxing match with a Revenant. Either that, or trying to chainsaw everything.
  7. rkdoomguy

    Favorite Doom 1 maps

    I also like Tenements, due to the layout and how passages from different rooms connect.
  8. I would say the PI is more useless. When I reach the exit to a level, I can then use the CAM to see if I have forgotten some secret areas. Of course, I don't use it often because I've played Doom so much that I know where most of everything is, but newer players can find that more handy. The PI for me only makes projectiles go past the side of me, and I am so used to dodging them that I move just as the enemy moves to attack. And I get hit. Plus, they are not usually placed near corridor scenarios, usually in open spaces, and I haven't really had much relief from hitscan attacks before.
  9. rkdoomguy

    Worst/ most annoying monster?

    Pain Elementals come a close second, because for me, the only enemy that has managed to piss me off in game are those bastard chaingunners. So hard to get when they lurk in a distant window, yet I'm stuck trying to escape with the Doomguy going, "eurgh-eurgh-ergh-eurgh-urgh-eurgh-urgh-eurgh-ergh-eurgh-urgh-eurgh"
  10. rkdoomguy

    Favorite Doom 1 maps

    I really like The Mansion from PSX. The bookcases and hallway carpets are really nice scenery. Not to mention how it is full of surprises, where passed walls open to reveal monsters when you go further in the level.
  11. rkdoomguy

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    The voice that is played when you finish Doom can be in the narrator's voice and there could be a hunnygun that blasts strong jets that are too painful for Pooh to eat.
  12. rkdoomguy

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    That would be awesome. Piglet gets his own back an all those who made him feel so small. Even though I originally thought of Christopher Robin in a marine outfit.
  13. rkdoomguy

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    Seeing as Winnie The Pooh is actually a good idea, why not put all the gang in there? Owl won't think he's so smart when he's got a shotgun up his ass.
  14. rkdoomguy

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    Oh, good, you can blow that dog to kingdom come. I'm glad. Also, I wouldn't say "everything" to kill in Doom, because "everything" includes Winnie The Pooh for example. Only heartless monsters could shoot down such lovable characters.
  15. rkdoomguy

    Things you wish you could kill in Doom

    The dog from the Duck Hunt game.