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  1. Strifeguy1995

    NOVA: The Birth - v1.1 release now on idGames!

    well, i was a bit busy writting some essays and well, i'm finished so i started mapping 20 minutes ago and well, these are shots from the builder, my map is gonna be called "UAC Chemicals Lab", i resized the shots because they were way too big http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss81/NessEarthbound/chemi1.png http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss81/NessEarthbound/chemi2.png
  2. Strifeguy1995

    What are you playing now?

    Playing some Reverie, that wad it's pretty cool, i love that the exit of a level is the entrance of the next one
  3. Strifeguy1995

    Gameplay traits/features you DON'T like seeing in levels?

    Teleporting puzzles like on TNT MAP30, ok i know it's pretty funny but for somebody that tries it on the first time that he/she plays the evilution it's kinda tedious. Enemies that teleport out of nowhere. Big and almost empty open spaces, specially when they are filled by hitscaners (specially chaingunners). Revenants and Pain Elementals.
  4. Strifeguy1995

    NOVA: The Birth - v1.1 release now on idGames!

    Hello there, well i looked at this project and i think that is very cool a project for newbies o wanabies (like me) and i was wondering if i can enter on this cool project, just tell me what i have to do i heard this song and well, i don't think that this one may fit the titlepic, maybe a level with a "lot of action" like an UAC base or some space station