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  1. NoisyVelvet: Your current votes haven't been accepted because you've voted for more than 20 WADs. ;(
  2. Thanks but I've tried both of those things and they've never worked.
  3. The tally in the OP has been updated. It's still pretty tight at the top. Just 10 votes separate Scythe 2 from the top-placed Alien Vendetta. Scythe and Sunlust both move back up a spot to #3 and #4 respectively. Going Down moves into the Top 10, up three places to #8.
  4. Well, I FUCKING HATE the taskbar thumbnail preview bullshit. I've tried everything to disable it but nothing works. It shits me to tears!
  5. DOOM1.WAD - The shareware episode of Doom is how most people got into Doom and it still stands the test of time. ;)
  6. I will update the tally soon, I promise. Been hella busy lately working two jobs (my website counts as a job) :P
  7. Nobody could afford a Pentium in 1994 though. And when I said Doom, I meant the original release, not Doom II, Ultimate Doom or Final Doom. :)
  8. I can confirm that Doom ran smoothly on my 486SX-33 with 4MB of RAM in DOS back in 1994. :)
  9. I thought this was going to be a thread about gobby but was sorely disappointed! ;P
  10. R.I.P. :'(
  11. Today I saw a young child on the train wearing a black top with "DIME" in the style of the classic Doom logo. Has anybody seen it or know anything about it? Google was no help.
  12. The tally in the OP has been updated. Valiant and Sunlust move up a spot to #3 and #5 respectively, Going Down moves into the Top 10 from #12. :)
  13. My old thread may be helpful for previously underated wads/hidden gems.. :P
  14. The Creators Update made my already slow-arsed poota even slower and it kindly reset a whole bunch of my settings. Yep, cheers, thanks. :P And they STILL haven't fixed that extremely annoying taskbar preview windows problem (I've tried all the 'solutions' to end it.)
  15. Hehe. I think it was a school friend who had a 286 with Wolfenstein 3D and Dune II that got me interested in PCs (I was previously an OOG with the original Nintendo and Commodore 64 lol).