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  2. Number of cops that have taken my life: 0 Number of cops that have saved my life: 2 Dunno what cops you got over there in 'Merica. :P
  3. I thought Sting was all about peace, love and tantric sex? ;D
  4. The tally in the OP has been updated. No major movements - Kama Sutra moves up a spot to #16. :) Thanks for that. I had no idea that there was two versions of the same WAD. The votes for it have now been combined. I guess if Outrageous Videos wants their vote to only be for the first version (ESP) then they will let us know.
  5. If anyone wants some Doom socks then let me know here or via PM and I can send them a pair anywhere in the world (postage paid). All I ask is that you make a small donation to one of your favourite charities (any amount you can afford will do) - some of my favourites are the Red Cross, RSPCA and the Heart Foundation. I can probably send, at most, three pairs. :P
  6. Dang! But I did show my pussy, unless you missed it. ;D ;P
  7. Haha. You meant Richard Simmons, right? ;P Anyway, I do tend to wear short shorts - all year long in fact - here in Perth the temperature never drops below 0°C (32°F if you're a backwards American ;P) Yeah. They're not amazeballs but it's what you get for 2 Aussie dollars, which is about 1 dorra fiddy American.
  8. If anyone was wondering, I got the socks from EB Games. Here's the packaging... :)
  9. lol. I was in a t-shirt and shorts - I wasn't giving my kitty an eyeful of arse I swear! ;P
  10. I bought a pair of Doom socks today. Only cost me 2 bucks. Gotta love Hissy/Flying Meatball. :D Anybody else got Doom-related socks?
  11. Hehe. In all seriousness though, I've probably played over 700 WADs (1000+ maps) in the past 24 years. ;D
  12. At least 42. :D
  13. I don't know about that. Every track on Nevermind is great. In Utero does have some filler. :P As for Heretic (or Hairy Dick as I call it,) I can't really fault it in any major way. It's a worthy companion of Doom's, especially the first episode.
  14. Go dressed up as Ronald McDonald. That will scare 'em! :P
  15. Hopefully ;)