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  1. Long rant ahead:

    I'm a very creative person. When I'm bored, I make something. When I see something I like, I start coming up with my own ideas for something I want to do. There's an infinite number of outlets, be it mapping, writing stories, making music, drawing, etc.
    Over time I've developed a really broad taste in things. Occasionally I like to try to make things mysterious, scary, intriguing, and just about anything.

    But being someone who draws inspiration from everything I enjoy, it's becoming more and more difficult to enjoy things, because everyone's being a critic.
    No matter how great anything will ever be that anyone will ever make, there will always be someone who thinks they know everthing who will tell you that it's terrible.
    Some won't give any reasons beyond that they think whoever made it (who put lots of time, effort, and usually money just to try to share something with everyone) should be shot. Others will break down into tiny flimsy details that makes me wonder why someone would put so much effort into disliking something, especially something I found so brilliant.

    And of course, whenever I create anything, I get much of the same. People are so quick to dislike anything, it's almost automatic now.
    "Yeah, I'll take a look at it. It'll probably suck. (quick peek) Yes, it sucks. Don't try making anything again."

    People have different tastes and I try to respect that. But I can never be happy with anything because no matter where I go with whatever tastes anyone has there will always be at least one person frowning at me the whole time.

    I came to the conclusion lately, that tastes will be tastes, but one thing everyone has in common is a sense of humour.
    So of course, I persue that. No one likes laughing more than me. My internet nick should be evidence of that.
    There still really is a huge number of different types of humour, everyone. It's incredibly diverse. There's contradiction, exaggeration, sarcasm, plays on words, parody, some jokes are heavy on the element of surprise, others simply on the unexpected, some are just simple 1-dimensional jokes, others are incredibly complex.

    Having devoted a lot of time now to a very big doom project all revolving around humour, I'm now getting exactly the same responses and the damned thing isn't even released yet.
    Everyone's throwing in their two cents about how it's unoriginal, a waste of time, how I shouldn't even bother trying to tell them that it's not going to suck, all of which based on their very narrow perception of what the project really is supposed to be.

    I tried adding another paragraph to this, but my mind's all over the place and I can't exactly put into words exactly what the big basic is behind why I feel so depressed over something that most of you will consider trivial.

    I think it just revolves around one basic question; Why bother doing anything?

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    2. Grazza


      GooberMan said:

      Their claims of unoriginality are false. If Mock 2 is the project in question, didn't you introduce the whole idea of Mockery in the first place?

      I'm not sure how closely linked the Mock and Mock2 teams are, but in any case THISSUXX.WAD (1996) was a far earlier deliberately-bad/attempt-at-humour pwad.

    3. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II


      With that said, I understand how you feel Hyena, and screw those that say otherwise.

      /me goes to read Acomic

    4. Mancubus II

      Mancubus II

      omg still no july acomic!


      Come back to #youfailit ^_^