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  1. After Danarchy made his band name generator, I went into mIRC and struggled with its irritating scripting system and created a Video Game Title Generator!

    Here are a few of the results:

    Revengers of Steel 2
    Freedom Fighter: Everybody Lives Forever
    Blades of Vengeance : Earth Dimension
    Peacewolf: Nobody Lives Forever
    Super Outdoor Lacrosse X3
    Seabringer: Beyond the Frozen Dimension
    Unreal Fighter: Everybody Has Guns
    Super Virtua of Vengeance: Dark Power
    WarGeneral: Journey to the Ice Throne
    Starfighter: Sapphire Advance

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    2. Quast


      That sounds like a led zepplin song...heh battle of evermore or something

    3. Danarchy


      randomizer slag:
      Unreal Fighter: Everybody Has Guns
      Mario Outdoor Lacrosse

      Sadly, I see both of thse being made.

      And its time for me to slip in some more industrial bands of the future, comeing to Metropolis soon!

      Neural Leather 23
      Throbbing Pitchmacher
      Mission 16Love
      Apoptygma Fuckgun
      Cabaret Geninet
      Der Mindstorm
      Kleine Xykan
      Psychic Inters
      Front Line Zero-Machine
      Count Funkergeddon
      Revolting Audiomorte
      Collapsing Funkerform
      Utopian Machinestasis
      Sister Cyberspace
      Cyber Vogt
      The Pigslave
      Psychic Cybersect
      Das Funkerfork
      Die Neuromatik
      Great Neufork
      Cabaret Nett
      Utopian Infonet

      I can't stop...

    4. Hyena


      Danarchy said:

      Count Funkergeddon