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  1. With the help of Dn, and some contributions from Lament and Danarchy, I have added more words to my randomvg script. Here are some of today's generations:

    Hentai Garbage Truck
    Batshit Dragon
    Sim RPG 5
    Revengers Yiff: Nobody Is Toxic
    Neighbourhood Tycoon
    Nazi Oil Refinery
    Midget Eye-Gouging 5
    Virtua Troopers: Useless Lotus
    Nazi Landscaping X2
    Retarded Genital Fencing
    Genital Eating 2000
    All-Star Eye-Gouging 2001
    Low-Budget Outdoor Volleyball 20XX
    Starfox: Hardcore Dimension
    Sonic Turd Orgy
    Outdoor Shopping Carts part III
    Pornographic Trampolining
    Sim Shooter Part Deux
    Nazi Jet-Powered Spewing
    Freeattack: Everybody Dies
    Midget Flying '99
    Mongol Basketball
    Drunk Professional Trampolining 2001
    Killer Revengers Rape: Celebrity Edition
    Jet-Powered Bullbuggering 20X6
    Desert-General: Outside America, Everybody Lives a Care-Free Life

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