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  1. ComicMischief

    Things about Doom you just found out

    And here I was thinking it was a mutation of the word 'Doom'. Silly me.
  2. ComicMischief

    Deaf Monster Abuse

    This is interesting and I can use it. Thanks. :) (Now going to go over some of my maps and see where deaf-flagged monsters would be better unflagged and vice-versa)
  3. ComicMischief

    New stuff!

    Take some screens anyway? I'm convinced most of mine look like poop but I upload them all the same. Always nice when someone says "hey, that looks good".
  4. ComicMischief

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    I know some folk around here don't like when levels get platformy; I do, if it mixes up the combat somewhat. Work-in-progress from my MAP08, where things get only mildly platformy.
  5. ComicMischief

    Deaf Monster Abuse

    Soundblocking is weird, or so I used to think; in order for it to function correctly it seems that two sound-blocking lines are needed. And so I double-soundblock every join between areas as default. But I've been thinking about playing with it a little. If I single-soundblock, then monsters in the next room can hear the player, but not the room after that? Possibly. And then, of course, there are things like this: I've not used any sound-blocking lines on this particular map; engaging with even a single imp will awaken every cyberdemon in the level, and there are about six. It's in the player's best interests to keep quiet here. ;)
  6. ComicMischief

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    Werecat, THAT is sweet. Love the amber highlights, really brings it out.
  7. Yeah, I get that. Yesterday I started (late to the party, but I always am) playing Rage. It's nice enough, but... found myself pining for Borderlands and Doom 3 - neither of which I consider to be great games, but both are more escapist than Rage; Borderlands with the visuals and Doom 3 with the setting. Mind you, I encountered a fuckton more invisible walls in one hour of Rage than I did the entirety of those other two. I guess this visual realism comes at a price, and one that destroys the illusion somewhat; "I should be able to jump over a fucking SOFA!" And so on.
  8. I concur. It all looks horribly generic and uninspired from here. I swear, even the myriad Sonic and Mario clones of the '90s were more varied than the current gaming scene. Could just be my rose-tinted spectacles though.
  9. ComicMischief

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Ah, putting the Pac Man maze into a map, then realising it plays like utter shit and removing it... ...the section I've replaced it with is coming on a lot better. TNT2 stuff looks tasty, by the way.
  10. ComicMischief


    I'm not sold. This is garish as shit. Sorry.
  11. I think there's a difference between multiple paths and no path at all. Gimme the former.
  12. ComicMischief

    Nex Credo: vanilla Doom 2 WAD

    Thanks, and likewise with your project. I'm not going for quite the same level of detail you are, it'd drive me insane (though your maps are rather nice indeed). Similar goal though; 32 vanilla maps that aren't stupid-long. My kinda megaWAD. :)
  13. ComicMischief

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    Thanks! To be honest, I caught myself 'at it' with the 90-degree walls during my last project. It's kind of an 'autopilot' default when mapping, to make box after box after box -- square rooms with rectangular doors (I've some nice non-rectangular ones going on already) decorated with square ceiling lights and rectangular computer panels... so I'm trying to deviate from that a bit, whilst still keeping some kind of uniformity. End results 'feel' better to play, too. edit I just watched a single Revenant punch out a Cyberdemon. Cornered him, and proceeded to lay haymaker after haymaker on the chump until he 'sploded. Good show, old bean.
  14. ComicMischief

    DooM 2 MooD

    I like what I've played thus far -- died on MAP02 due to carelessness though (playing on UV). Love how MAP01 opened up, and how MAP02 seems to keep a steady flow of enemies whilst backtracking. Aesthetics are nice, too. Can't wait for ~32 of these. ;)
  15. ComicMischief

    Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

    More vanilla-compatible action, this time in green. Doom 2 has some lovely green textures, I've always thought. The brown stuff gets all the hate mail, and there's the unsung heroes that are the green ones. Token Dead Simple homage. I made this a little too evil, then scaled it back loads. Ammo balance is tight, though totally possible.