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  1. Lingyan203

    Cosmogenesis (-cl9, slaughter)

    Same. It's basically like another Holy Hell and Deus Vult lmao
  2. Lingyan203

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Base Ganymede

    YouTube Playthrough for reference if anybody is stuck:
  3. You can still make one. We can both try to submit our map32 here and we'll see what @Joshy decides which one goes to the final project.
  4. I was actually gonna plan on making a map32 for it hahaha but if someone else wants to claim it that's fine with me. I can still make my own map32 for this project and submit it and see which one makes it in to the final project.
  5. Lingyan203

    Mid-level saves: Yay or nay?

    Mid-level saves for me: Yes, if necessary. Mid-battle: Preferably not, but playing Ribbiks' maps (especially on UV), I have to at times as his maps are just brutally hard. However, for speedrunning it doesn't work that way sadly.
  6. Lingyan203

    Hocusdoom RELEASED (in /idgames)

    My 100% playthrough, levels beaten under time to beat on hard difficulty is here: I hope Ravage watches this!
  7. I use Camtasia Studio to record. If you're using OpenGL Support, you can use Fraps to help. Camtasia is also a good editor and recorder to use as well.
  8. Lingyan203

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    I just reached map29 and I found out that the secret with the green armour (sector 374) after passing the yellow key teleporter is impossible to register without the noclip cheat.
  9. Lingyan203

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    Guys, Switcheroom 2 playthrough as well as the forgotten maps are now complete!
  10. Some of the WADs that I play that don't have custom music, I tend to add them myself. However, for certain wads, like Switcheroom 1 and DTWid, for example, I leave it as is.
  11. Lingyan203

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doomer Boards Projects 26, 7, 19

    I'm just wondering if it's possible to reach the secret with the BFG? I cannot find a switch or walk somewhere to trigger it. Do I have to use an arch-vile jump to reach it? My post is at the end of this page in the link above.
  12. Lingyan203

    DBP19: A Doomer Boards Christmas Carol

    Is there a way to reach this secret? I don't know any other way aside from that arch-vile jump to reach it. I thought there was supposed to be a switch that I need to press or shoot or walk somewhere that triggers access to it. The secret is marked at 25:44 where the BFG, megasphere, and invulnerability powerups are.
  13. Lingyan203

    I just beat scythe 2 on UV :D

    Je ne comprends pas ce que tu essaies de dire. Great job! I often play continuous. The levels are possible to beat on Pistol start, but extremely difficult, especially the later levels from 23 and onward. Très bien! Bon travail! Je joue en continu souvent. Les niveaux sont possibles à compléter sur pistolet-début, mais extrêmement difficiles, notamment les niveaux de 23 et suivants.
  14. Lingyan203

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    I think both of these projects would be nice. SwitcherOnia and SwitcherTNT both sound interesting as well as Evilutonia and PluTNT.
  15. Lingyan203

    Switcheroom 2 (Now on IDGAMES!!!!!)

    Oh, just like the original Switcheroom?