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  1. I'm just curious, what's the difference between the original TOTG3 on map03 and TOTG3 Remix on Map31?
  2. Hey guys! I just released a new updated version, which should be the pre-release before the final version! I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if there's more improvements needed! Here's the link: Screenshots: This should hopefully be the final version before release! Enjoy!
  3. Thanks! I saw your demo, it was really good! I'm gonna try and polish some more stuff for the gameplay, like putting a little bit more detail inside the letters, and making the baron/hell knight/cyberdemon/arch-vile trap a little bit more difficult, more like a trap kinda area and such.
  4. I just saw your stream. It was good. Yes the beginning part is extremely brutal, especially on Ultra-Violence. Like I said, this map is just being beta tested right now. I'm still looking for more feedback on this map and see what I can do to try and improve on it. Thanks for playing it by the way! Feel free to post on the thread if you feel like the map needs more improvement:
  5. Well in the cave area the level is also detailed with stalactites, but they're quite hard to see as it's very dark. If you have the light amplification goggles it might help out a lot. Also, the file has been updated once again. I hope you check out my newest update. If there's anything else that needs to be improved, don't hesitate to comment :)
  6. Yes it is, the music played on this map is "This Time for Africa" by Shakira -Waka Waka. I do want to try and keep the monster count to that high, but I can change some of them around and reduce the number of revenants and change most of them to imps, which might help better. As for getting stuck inside the letter, I can add some escape teleporters that will take the player back to the start to make everything go smoothly. Maybe one day I can make this a megawad, but if I do, this level will be the final level of the game. If I make a level with no monsters as map30, the Icon of Sin will be harmless on that map. Do you think I should make this set a full megawad? UPDATE: Wad has been updated and the letters have an escape teleporter. The escape teleporters are identified as a glowing square
  7. Don't worry! I updated the file and moved all the items around outside the arena rather than stuck inside the mouse hole. The mouse holes don't have anything inside of it. You can use the mouse holes as a safe area, but you will eventually run out of ammo and health. I made sure there's no ammo, health or anything in those holes. Try doing the demo again with the updated file and let me know how it is.
  8. Does the extra ammo and invulnerability help? As for the trees, yes I can rearrange them so they don't block the paths between the letters.
  9. Thanks for pointing that out! I'll get that fixed. Let me know if there are any other bugs.
  10. Hey guys! So I just finished my very first map for Doom 2, called "Tau Sigma Phi's 10th Anniversary", in honour of the sorority's 10th anniversary. This map is huge, Jungle/Cave themed, and is a slaughter map with a whopping 12,600 monsters on Ultra-Violence. Replaces map01 of Doom 2. This wad requires PrBoom+ -complevel 9 to play, although it does use Vanilla Features. You will also need cc4-tex.wad to play this map. Release Candidate is out! The release candidate is the same version as the final beta. Update (Screenshots): Cheers! Lingyan203
  11. Pokemon XY/XYZ, and Sun and Moon. English Subbed
  12. Oh I didn't. Thanks for pointing that out. I only tried to open it through the internet.
  13. I tried to open the pdf file but it does not load at all.
  14. Hi, I'm trying to make a lift using Doom Builder but when I try to access 3D mode, I seem to have trouble accessing it as it does not show the visuals of my map when trying to make a lift, door, or teleporter. In the screenshot below, I'm trying to make a lift for my map but I can't seem to figure out how to make my lift or get it to work and since my map won't show up at all in 3D mode, how can I do this? The lift I'm making is in the screenshot marked with the red X. I hope anyone can give me some ideas on what to do since I'm having trouble getting my map to show up in 3D mode.
  15. Well the thing is, I'm quite used to PrBoom+ but I can still play it with (G)ZDoom. It was just a thought.