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  1. Barefootstallion

    Monster Teleportation Problems

    Welcome. :)
  2. Barefootstallion

    Monster Teleportation Problems

    What Dark Pulse said. But also, it sounds like you may be overcomplicating things a little. Where your Baron is moved to/walks over the teleport line, just use line-special 70. The baron is the only thing which is going to be teleported by the line, isn't it? So just use 70. Then set the special to activate when a monster moves/walks over it. I took a screenshot of the appropriate settings. Also, it is import to ensure the sector you're having the baron teleport into, is wide and tall enough for it. Also, if there is any other thing in the target sector, it will prevent teleport, too. This includes any players who might be in the sector at the time of teleport. Hope this is helpful!
  3. Barefootstallion

    Extreme Weapon Pack

    I'm giving it three stars, because if nothing else, you have to admire the sprite work that went into it. Also the weapons effects - the way the super shotgun spins you around, the way the BFG powers up, complete with animation, and the hairbrained projectiles that come out of it. But... Playing with the mod dulls pretty swiftly. The game is virtually unplayable in any real sense with it. Unless god-mode and the weapons cheat are used, in which case, it becomes a testament to eye-rolling and not snickering. Continued play starts to build toward a sense of frustration. At first, it is funny, though. The broken nail when punching, the OCD care of the pistol especially, lend themselves to a sense of irony, one no doubt the developer aspired to convey. But they're also like a bad circus act; after you've seen them once, they grow quickly stale with further viewings. It is a novel mod, but one whose novelty runs very thin very quickly.
  4. Barefootstallion

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    Oh pish posh. Nothing to be sorry about. You asked a question, that's all. :)
  5. Heh, a microphone held to the seat of your pants when you fart. (:
  6. Barefootstallion

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    LOL! I don't know about wrapping, heh! But as one of my heroes said, the late George Carlin, one of the commandments should be changed to, 'Keep thy religion to thyself!'.
  7. Back when me and my brother were little kids, I 9 and he 6 I think, our grandparents bought us a tape recorder. It was a wonderful thing. And what was the first thing we did with it? Hehe, we recorded our farts with it. XD
  8. Barefootstallion

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    If only most real religions could wrap their heads around this, eh?
  9. I loved how they first introduced the character. He was pulling the guts out of a deer he'd apparently just killed! :D That kind of set the mood for what kind of character he was going to be from the get-go. Apart from that, though, Tywin Lannister was played by Charles Dance. He is a premier actor. So you can pretty much figure he is going to play his role superbly. Every scene he was in was great. I was truly floored by him, though, when he was shot by Peter Dinklage's character. Any actor who can pull off being shot to death in the privy with aplomb deserves respect. Demands it. Even commands it. Here's to hoping we see more of Charles Dance in good dramas in the future!
  10. That I can agree with. They did do quite an in-depth study in human nature and interactions for the show, didn't they? It made nearly every episode make you feel like you were sitting down to a steak dinner with fine wine.
  11. The Game of Thrones has always been about its shock value. *Spoilers ahead!* The reversal of Ed Stark's 'mercy' and Joffery having his head removed and then making his daughter stand there and look at it. Ayra Stark, the youngest protagonist in the series becoming the most lethal assassin of all the protagonists. The sudden chopping off of Jamie Lannister's hand. Charles Dance being killed in the privy. One of the dragons being killed and being turned into one of the undead and it bringing down the Wall. And overall, no one ever knowing what is going to happen to any of the protagonist characters until it has happened, it usually always happening as a complete surprise. The episode 'The Red Wedding' for instance? Who in the hell saw that coming? From the beginning, the Game of Thrones has been almost ridiculously predictable and boring story-telling. You'll sit, almost completely bored to tears, through nearly every episode. The only thing it ever really had to keep audiences coming back for more, was its unexpected and often shocking moments. That and well the fact that they pulled no punches when it came to nudity and the like, too. Lots of tits and even swinging cocks everywhere, oh my! The Game of Thrones, in my opinion, was made to keep people on the edges of their seats. It gave us characters to love, then slaughtered them. It gave us three magnificently done dragons, then killed two of them. It gave us this slip of a girl queen and led everyone to believe that she was going to be this wonderfully magnanimous ruler. Then just blatantly reversed it on everybody. It is a pattern with them. They've enjoyed building up audiences then shocking the hell out of them. It was never good story-telling, not from the beginning and never evolved into it. The Wheel of Time is better. Hell, even Lord of the Rings is better. It's emotions yanking. That's all it really was from its beginning, and what it has pretty much remained throughout.
  12. Barefootstallion

    Possible goodbye to lootboxes?

    Well, on top of that, the people who like this model (the lootboxes and such) are a small minority. They're enough to let companies like EA make big money on these games. The rest of gamers don't care. They just don't play the games if they don't like them. But that is part of the problem. There are still enough people playing these games, that these publishers are still able to make big money on them. In the meanwhile, IPs are still being dragged through the mud and brands are being damaged. IP owners get to sit and watch in disbelief. Brands which were once revered by consumers are being turned into garbage. There is also the issue that these publishers are selling many of these games. AAA box-pricing. $60 for many of these titles. It is only after consumers buy them that they get to learn they've been duped. They may not play the game anymore, but the publisher still made their $60 on the sale. It's a money-making proposition all around. That is why these publishers are doing it. It won't be until after they can't make money on it that it will stop. And the only way that it is going to be stopped, is through regulation, apparently.
  13. Barefootstallion

    Possible goodbye to lootboxes?

    Well, for one, the game publisher is the owner of the IP. For another, if the owner of the IP is other than the game publisher, the only recourse they may have, is to take the publisher to court. Which could take years, even if they win. Meanwhile, the publisher, EA, for instance, gets to go swimmingly along making money on the IP. Or we have a case like the Star Wars IP. That was extremely satisfying to watch. Disney, the owner of Star Wars, told EA, in nearly uncertain terms, that if they didn't correct the issue, they might get stepped on. EA, in fear of losing the Star Wars license, then, was swift to take action. Also, a very public court battle with a publisher as giant as Disney would have all but spelled their end as a company. Very few IP-holders have this kind of clout, though. All many of them can do is sit and watch in horror as their property is dragged through the mud. And publishers like EA know this, know that the holder has little to no recourse, especially if they're locked into a contract agreement with them. This, and of course, the fact that these practices are blatantly exploitative, is why regulation is so badly needed. Small companies sometimes need big publishers to get their product off the ground. They are often being treated as unfairly as the consumer, if not more so.