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  1. Barefootstallion


    I sincerely appreciate it, Bauul. Coming from a fellow long-time Doom-er (heh, rhymes with "Boomer?" :D), it means a lot! But yeah, I know everyone has their preferences for what makes a great Doom map, but for me, it has always been the suspension of belief that was always most important. So I love to make maps that are atmospheric, and atmospheric so that they are immersive, and so it comes easier to suspend belief. Risen3D at the time, was the only port which was supporting hi-res textures. I knew there might have been others, but Risen3D was the first I'd come across. Then to top that off, I started getting help from one of its biggest supporters and then later, from its developer, himself, Graham Jackson. So, I poured all of my love into it. I still play those maps on occasion to this day, enjoying them just as much now, as when I first made them. But alas, it is as you said, Risen3D wasn't a very widely accepted port, so that set of maps, as beautiful and immersive as they were, pretty much got to hear crickets, then just pretty much gather dust, where the community was concerned, over the years. It was pretty dejecting, and put me off of map-making for a long time. But...! GZDoom to the rescue! From some years of ennui with map-making, to full-on back into the thick of it again! And loving every second I get to devote to it! Then to top that off, my best friend, Daryn, with his mind being what it is, is able to help me bring to life just about any idea I can come up with. Can you say canned joy? If such a thing existed, they should sell it! Heh! Either way, hah! If you're not a fan of Project Brutality, the maps can be played with just Brutal Doom. Or for that matter, with straight up GZDoom, too. I've tested them with Russian Overkill, too, and they run just fine. Great even. One guy over on ModDB on the Dragon Sector download page, said it ran great with Call of Doom, too (a Call-of-Duty-esque weapon pack made for GZDoom). So whatever your poison or preference, the maps can be played in whichever way you like. I'd love for you to play them. Getting to hear the opinion of a fellow long-time Doomer would mean a lot! So yeah, at any rate, thanks for the reply. And here's to looking forward to what you think of the maps!
  2. Barefootstallion


    And fixed! I added autosave checkpoints to both maps. One of them is just as you open the inner doors of that big, first airlock. So if you die now, before you reach another checkpoint, you respawn back in the airlock, just as its inside doors are about to open!
  3. Barefootstallion


    We have been sitting on the idea of this for a long time. We previously developed DRAGON SECTOR using Risen3D. It was a great deal of work, leaving us pretty deflated and disappointed when the community didn't pick up on it anymore than it did. We were told, by more than one source, that this was in large part, due to the port we had selected - Risen3D -, which hadn't been adopted by the community much, itself. Well, we decided to finally bite the bullet. We're remaking DRAGON SECTOR for the GZDoom port. And more specifically, designing it for optimal experience using Project Brutality. Because frankly, I love Project Brutality, and just want to show it some of that love right back. ;) DRAGON SECTOR - REMAKE will be released one map at a time. Unlike in our previous version, we released only after a full set of ten maps were done. That took five years. Five looooong years. In addition, in keeping with Project Brutality's kickass playstyle, were designing the maps to match. They're going to be more ostentatious than ever, bigger, with less of a horror/lost-base feel, and more of a "I'm taking this damn base back from these hellspawn and making it mine!" feel. Project Brutality is fun. Dragon Sector is going to be fun! We've only got map one done for now. It can be downloaded at: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/dragon-sector-remake When you're ready to launch, turn up your volume. The first map has a heartpounding track you're gonna want to more experience than just hear. Now, just to get you salivating a little bit, here's some pictures of what it looks like! Download! Enjoy! And not least of all, leave feedback! Also, an important note: Dynamic lights have to be turned on. Without them, the map will be unplayable. It will be too dark to see. Also, be sure to read the info file, included in the zip. It has a few other suggestions to help improve playability, and not least of all, some important accreditations. Have fun!
  4. Hi, everybody. I recently got back into playing Russian Overkill again. A great mod, great for a lot of laughs, or just when you need a touch of that kill'em-all catharsis! I ran into one problem, however. To this day, I have never figured out how to load more than one mod or pwad or mod into GZDoom at a time. And as most may, or may not be aware, Russian Overkill is a mod (pk3 in this case), so all I was ever able to do, was play it with the commercial Doom wads. Doom, Doom2, Plutonia and TNT. I think any of you who are familiar with Russian Overkill, are aware that it is way overkill for any of the maps in any of the commercial wads. Hence my problem. Therefore, I set out to make a map into one of the commercial wads. I renamed the original commercial wad (Plutonia in this case) and then saved my changes in the original wad's name. In so doing, I rewrote map01. Well, almost rewrote it - more like I modified the living crap out of it. What I came up with, is something truly a lot of fun to play. Hoards of monsters, and monsters that just keep right on teleporting onto the map all over the place, thanks to three monster spawners and the use of some monster-teleport lines. It gives all of those way over the top weapons Russian Overkill gives you, a hell of a workout, and the action gets your heart seriously pounding! I haven't ever had so much fun with that mod before! It was truly awesome! I would like to share my creation. However, I'm not sure about uploading an id commercial wad - what the legalities of something like that might be, what kind of trouble it could create, etc. Any advice? If you have some, I would sure like to hear it, because I really want to share this fun map I made, with everyone!
  5. Barefootstallion

    Monster Teleportation Problems

    Welcome. :)
  6. Barefootstallion

    Monster Teleportation Problems

    What Dark Pulse said. But also, it sounds like you may be overcomplicating things a little. Where your Baron is moved to/walks over the teleport line, just use line-special 70. The baron is the only thing which is going to be teleported by the line, isn't it? So just use 70. Then set the special to activate when a monster moves/walks over it. I took a screenshot of the appropriate settings. Also, it is import to ensure the sector you're having the baron teleport into, is wide and tall enough for it. Also, if there is any other thing in the target sector, it will prevent teleport, too. This includes any players who might be in the sector at the time of teleport. Hope this is helpful!
  7. Barefootstallion

    Extreme Weapon Pack

    I'm giving it three stars, because if nothing else, you have to admire the sprite work that went into it. Also the weapons effects - the way the super shotgun spins you around, the way the BFG powers up, complete with animation, and the hairbrained projectiles that come out of it. But... Playing with the mod dulls pretty swiftly. The game is virtually unplayable in any real sense with it. Unless god-mode and the weapons cheat are used, in which case, it becomes a testament to eye-rolling and not snickering. Continued play starts to build toward a sense of frustration. At first, it is funny, though. The broken nail when punching, the OCD care of the pistol especially, lend themselves to a sense of irony, one no doubt the developer aspired to convey. But they're also like a bad circus act; after you've seen them once, they grow quickly stale with further viewings. It is a novel mod, but one whose novelty runs very thin very quickly.
  8. Barefootstallion

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    Oh pish posh. Nothing to be sorry about. You asked a question, that's all. :)
  9. Heh, a microphone held to the seat of your pants when you fart. (:
  10. Barefootstallion

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    LOL! I don't know about wrapping, heh! But as one of my heroes said, the late George Carlin, one of the commandments should be changed to, 'Keep thy religion to thyself!'.
  11. Back when me and my brother were little kids, I 9 and he 6 I think, our grandparents bought us a tape recorder. It was a wonderful thing. And what was the first thing we did with it? Hehe, we recorded our farts with it. XD
  12. Barefootstallion

    Ghost Accounts & Alternates

    If only most real religions could wrap their heads around this, eh?
  13. Barefootstallion

    Petition to remake GOT Season 8 exceeds 500,000 signatures

    I loved how they first introduced the character. He was pulling the guts out of a deer he'd apparently just killed! :D That kind of set the mood for what kind of character he was going to be from the get-go. Apart from that, though, Tywin Lannister was played by Charles Dance. He is a premier actor. So you can pretty much figure he is going to play his role superbly. Every scene he was in was great. I was truly floored by him, though, when he was shot by Peter Dinklage's character. Any actor who can pull off being shot to death in the privy with aplomb deserves respect. Demands it. Even commands it. Here's to hoping we see more of Charles Dance in good dramas in the future!