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  1. I have a modified doom E1M1 i did myself. if you want to check it out i can give you the wad file of it. Email me at JBrockerDUDE@gmail.com and I will reply with the file attached.

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    2. GreyGhost


      I get the impression that multiple accounts are frowned upon, since much of the time they're used for loser/ban evasion. I'd suggest you stick with one account and give the other a very strong random password, the admins don't like deleting accounts with posts since it leaves holes in the forums.

    3. Mancubus12


      i don't get a damn thing anyone is saying lol. But if anyone want's to try it out just email me i don't know any other way to share the file.

    4. Mancubus12


      oh ok, yeah i had tried to make one using my facebook email and never got a conformation, so i made another one lol.