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  1. Knas

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looks very awesome.
  2. I have this problem there Slade v311 is messing up the root lumps in my pk3. It's like it's trying to create map markers from an regular wad or something. When I save and load the top lumps gets messed up like in the pic, and the lumps bellow gets filled with some other kind of data. For each time I save and load random lumps gets messed up and I don't know why. The pk3 is created empty in Slade and was then filled with the stuff from my wad. Help please. http://imgur.com/VIQvwAv
  3. This is pure speculation but from testing some more it seems to happen when I click the save icon. The program freezes for a few seconds and when I load it, it's messed up in a random way. However, if I use save as, the corruption have yet to happen. Edit: No, it can still happen when using save as, just it's way less likely. I'm now afraid I will lose my work if this will continue to happen. Very sure. I've made that mistake before but it has never corrupted the wad like this, unless there is something else that's causing it. Wouldn't know what though.
  4. I've tried to create a font for the inventory amount numbers using Spidey's ZDoom Font Generator, but I can't get it to work. Every time I get some sort of error, a different one for each file format I try. The only time I didn't get one was with a pcx file and console font, but the lump it created was empty, so yeah... If anyone could take a look at my file here and tell me what's up would be very appreciated. http://imgur.com/hIQcULv
  5. Yeah, that works I think. It was just so hard to get a clear understanding which template to use and how to use it from the wiki. Thanks. :)
  6. In my mod, there will be a much higher focus on inventory usage than weapons. That's why I would like have the weapon prev/next keybind (usually the mouse wheel) select items instead of weapons. Since you can't have custom keyconfigs for specific mods in ZDoom(well at least not without adding an ini), I really don't want the player to have to change his keys just for my mod and instead change how they function in game. So I'm looking for a way to have the weapons only be selectable with the slot 1,2.. etc. keys and when the weapon prev/next shortcut is used it triggers a script that cycles the inventory. I don't care if the solution is a bit hacky as long as the player doesn't notice but I'm not familiar enough with ZDoom scripting to pull this off without some help. :(
  7. Knas

    Some questions about voxel models

    Expected, but what about the first point? That's the main problem right now.
  8. I don't understand how to rotate voxel models around all axis. I've been told that you can rotate 3d models freely but the pitch and roll in GZDB doesn't do anything. Do I need to use scripts or something? Another thing I want to do is having the models block actors with it's geometry instead of its collision box. Since that box is always square it doesn't work very well on flat models. It might work if I can get the model rotation above to work but if that's not possible, how should I do it? Use an invisible polyobject as collision instead?
  9. Is there a good way to make textures that match the geometry in your level? I can't really think of a good way to do it so I'm hoping for some tips. Is there a plugin for DB there you can select several walls/flats in visual mode and then have the program save a template texture with their shape?
  10. Knas

    Making textures that match geometry

    Oh nice. That is probably what I was looking for, but how do I use it? When I tried with the test wad I get this error. Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 255, in <module> File "<string>", line 134, in build_all File "<string>", line 114, in build_line File "<string>", line 45, in make_texture UnboundLocalError: local variable 'txd' referenced before assignment
  11. Knas

    Making textures that match geometry

    I'm talking about making textures in a graphics program, not aligning them. You know having a silhouette of your walls exported with the correct dimensions to work with.
  12. Knas

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    From my "learning GZDoom" wad.
  13. Yea, it's not easy. Especially since I'm still learning about scripting. That's why I want as much info as possible before starting. Btw, is there a wad out there with a custom HUD made in ACS instead of SBARINFO? Maybe that could give some insight.
  14. I'm creating a torch, to be displayed on the left on the HUD, like Doomguyâ„¢'s holding it in his hand. Now I don't really know the best way to tackle this problem with how I want it to look and behave. I've looked at both creating a custom weapon and/or using DrawImage command to display it, but I need some help how to best approach this. This is what I want:The sprite should be on the left side and always present, even if the player has a weapon equipped. It's not controlled at all by the player, but should still do a regular weapon select/deselect animation when a script tells it to. I want it to bob left and right just like a weapon when the player moves. It should have a few animation frames that's cycling. However, the flame itself should be a completely separate sprite that follows the torch bobbing. The flame should be transparent and animated and it's size should be reduced with scripts to simulate how much is left of it.The torch doesn't need to emit light though, that's done elsewhere. The best way would be to have it be a Decorate, but I don't think those can be drawn on the HUD, so any help on how to approach this is very appreciated.
  15. So in my level I want to have the automap disabled until it's found by the player, but I can't figure out how to do that. This is essential to my level. Once found I don't want it to draw the map the normal way. Instead I want it draw nothing until the player has reached certain key locations which then will will draw the lines specified by me. I guess you can do this by a script that toggles the always show on map flag? Any help here is appreciated.
  16. Knas

    Automap modding questions

    Found this old post in the Zdoom forums. http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=33398#p632149 Guess nothing came of that?
  17. Oh, now I understand. Thanks for the detailed explanation. :) Will make stuff a lot easier. I now see lots of problems with the code. But if I'm not mistaken that's not how the example in the wiki counts. Would be nice with a state keyword that has a % chance of skipping the action special though, so you don't need to use jump as much. Now I need to figure out why it moves at angle 0 when it hits the floor, even when a_logint says the angle is the same as when it spawned. Might have something to do with the missile flag, but I need a way to jump states immediately when it hits something.
  18. I have tried maaaaany variations of this script, each behaving a bit different but never in a way I want. First problem is that when the leaf hits the ground its velocity becomes 0. This might be because of the missile flag, but how do I avoid that(I want it to keep its velx when hitting ground)? The reason I use missile is because I want it to enter death when it hits something. I have seen other predefined spawners in ZDoom use this and those works fine without the above problem... The second problem is that once they have entered death their angle becomes messed up. If they trigger the x push in death state they move at angle 0, even if I set the angle manually with a variable that uses its initial angle. Even stranger is that a trace even says it still has its parents angle. They also, in very rare occasions, get insane velocity. I have no clue here. Third problem is that the leaf is removed way before its kill counter reaches 20. It didn't use to but now it does for some reason. I have increased the spawn rate a lot so is there some max amount that can be spawned at the same time?
  19. Wait, what actually removes the actor in your example? I thought that only happened at the end of the death state.
  20. I've been looking for ways to make trapdoor/drawbridge style movement for, well, trapdoors and drawbridges, but also for books and containers. From what I've read you can't do this with polyobjects or 3d floors, but is it possible in some other way like 3d models or something else? Unrelated; Can you make a double sided polyobject show its floor and ceiling?
  21. Like I said, it's not the necessarily the functionality that is important here. Just the visual of a floor opening. But thanks for the tips.
  22. I have it installed to the default location, but it doesn't work for me either.
  23. Those ideas work just fine. The player will never directly interact while it's moving. It's just the animation that's important. Now it's time to learn how to make 3d objects I guess. :p
  24. I've now spent many hours trying to figure out how to make my map execute CVARs. The reason is that I have reduced the movement speed of the player and for some reason that causes some insane headbobing. In short, it's horrible if you have motion sickness. So I want the map to automatically change the movebob CVAR when it's loaded so I have added this to the KEYCONF lump: alias bobfix "movebob 0.1"; Problem 1: I don't know how to make script the executes this alias. I've thought about binding it to a key but then again I don't know how to make a script that "presses a button". Problem 2: If I execute this alias manually it's saves the movebob value to the ini file so it is used in all other wads too... How do I avoid this? So any suggestion to what I can do (and why does this have to be so complicated)?
  25. Knas

    How to execute CVARs automatically?

    Not if there would have been a feature to have a custom profile for each wad.