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  1. princetontiger

    Doom, but everything is fucked up.

    what is the doomguy floating head in hands from cacoddmon345’s video?
  2. princetontiger

    Doom, but everything is fucked up.

    Dude!!! WTF! What is the hand and the face thing?
  3. princetontiger

    Jim Flynn

    That music is amazing.Is it from the map?
  4. princetontiger

    Jim Flynn

    Doom will never die! Only the players. May he rest in piece. Another good one gone. Thank you Jim for all the hard work you did!!! An amazing person.
  5. princetontiger

    Nostalgic for the 90s

    Does anyone play Doom and get nostalgic for the late 90s? I'm talking days of TRL, South Park, and PointCast. It feels like 20 years ago was just yesterday, but the Internet/Web feels less of a Wild West Bazaar and more of corporate Madison Avenue. I love playing all sorts of random Wads and reliving the 90s. It was a solid time in gaming and culture.
  6. princetontiger

    Classic Doom I/II Maps vs. Fan Maps

    Very interesting. Thank you for your thoughts. The original stock maps hold up well, even today.
  7. princetontiger

    Classic Doom I/II Maps vs. Fan Maps

    Hey all, Have you guys ever noticed that there is a "certain" feel that the original maps from id Software have? It's tough to describe, but there is a difference between Alien Vendetta and D2 Reloaded and the original Doom 2 game. There's a certain level of perfection in the original maps that drew me to the game... Are there any wads that remind you of the original map creators?
  8. princetontiger

    Rescue of Earth

    screenshot looks insane... but, 1GB+?
  9. princetontiger

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 3 Heures d'agonie 3

    We have this going on Zandronum right now. A great wad that I was unaware of until yesterday
  10. princetontiger

    Projects for DOOM's 25th birthday

    Looks amazing.
  11. I'm trying to find a wad I remember palying back in 2005 on ZDaemon. It had tons of flying Duke Nukem monsters, and I remember an outdoor area with stone cliffs. The map was HUGE, with a lot of empty sky and space below this cliff. It had light brown textures, with blue sky.
  12. princetontiger

    (Update/Fix) Dark Encounters 32 map MegaWad

    Amazing megawad! Just played the second level, and plan to play more tonight.
  13. princetontiger

    Is there a Doom community in NYC?

    About a decade there was a small one in Manhattan. A few people from the Bronx and Queens were also around. No idea where they went, but there hasn't been a 'real life' meetup in at least 7 years.
  14. princetontiger

    Two Years of ZDaemon TNS Stats!

    Nice. Multiplayer Doom has plateaued, but it's definitely not shrinking. Going into 2018, this is exciting news for the community. We are at a steady state.