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  1. 20+ years of Doom 2, and I'd prefer that game over Doom 2016. I think Doom 2016 single player was awesome... I'm in the process of (slowly) getting 100% on it.
  2. Does anyone play multiplayer at all? I don't see many on...
    Incredible old school wad. Big deal back in the day. Recently started playing it again.
  3. too hot in NYC

    1. Tracer


      Pretty hot here in the midwest, too.

    2. bzzrak


      Quite hot here in the frickin' Balkans as well. It's still bearable, but not for much longer.

    3. Xyzzy01


      Try Florida.

    4. Doomkid


      Cold as fuck here!

    5. Tracer


      ^Lucky bastard!

  4. Props to the creators... this wad has been getting some play on Zandronum lately. Tons of fun!
  5. Doom is a masterpiece. Doom is in the same league as Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Centipede, Frogger, Super Mario Brothers, and many other incredible games that really pushed gaming into a new era in the late 20th century. People thousands of years from now will skim the greatest hits of each century, and Doom will most definitely be there.
  6. Thanks skillsaw. I had no idea about the cacoawards... These rock!
  7. Will there be an expanded Wad list covering the years 2004 - 2016? Anyone down to get this rolling?
  8. awesome
  9. Yea, but what about the 1990s pages, "page of doom" and a few others? I realize half the old pages had dead links, etc... but it just feels like a piece of history went away.
  10. Nope... no cheating. I still haven't beaten Doom II.
  11. love the new slimmed down site!

  12. I love the new idgames archive with screenshots, but what happened to all the old legacy pages? Looks like they were removed?
  13. There's a lot of nice continuity in Doom 2016. Icon of Sin exists, so Doom II is relevant. Doomguy resides in Hell, so Doom 64 is also relevant.