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  1. princetontiger

    ZDS #838 - Dinosaur Hunting Dwango 10

    I've never heard of this dinosaur hunting mod... looks amazing.
  2. It's rare to see internet forums like Doomworld. these days... most people here are thoughtful and consider what they write before hitting Submit.
  3. So pumped that these sessions keep happening!
  4. Glad I flipped thru the latest wadazine... This wad has been a ton of fun, and I'm glad I came across it.
  5. princetontiger

    Doom Returns - Episode 3 Preview

    Wow! Looks wicked sick. I can't wait to play it.
  6. princetontiger

    Scientist - Unity release

    Wow!!! What a trip. This is a fantastic megawad, and I'm so glad it came to my attention. I did feel that a few of the maps around 10-15 were a bit of a grind, but the penultimate level and final level are incredible!
  7. princetontiger

    Scientist - Unity release

    Hot damn! I am so glad I came across this wad.... one of my favorite with an old school vibe. I can't believe I've never heard of it. Glad Kevin Cloud sought this one out.
  8. princetontiger

    Scientist - Unity release

    I see a lot of screenshots with some of the older textures... the new wad seems to drop the wolfenstein ones, is that right?
  9. princetontiger

    Scientist - Unity release

    Wow! I can't wait to play this.
  10. princetontiger

    Pelit-lehti 1994 Doom Mapping Contest and Wad Compilation

    Wow! That's incredible. Thank you! I had so much fun playing your map last year.
  11. I wish I could attend this!
  12. princetontiger

    Your Final Wad

    Alien Vendetta. Relive some memories while getting one last Doom experience!
  13. princetontiger

    Any Doomers on Maui?

    Guys, I'm over on Oahu. We had a ship leave for Maui yesterday and another one today (pier 1 in honolulu). TONS of stuff headed your way. If there's anyone from the Doom community in Maui, let me know how I can help.
  14. This is consolation for Maui going up in flames.
  15. princetontiger

    new mega WAD

    Nice man! I'd love to play it