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  1. princetontiger

    Another Map

    Love it... these outdoor maps always remind me of guts man's stage from mega man 1.
  2. princetontiger

    How do I get Eternal Doom running?

    i've thought about playing this mapset, but honestly i have a mountain of others to conquer... is it worth keeping on my backlog?
  3. princetontiger

    Jim Flynn's Maps

    I spent the better part of an hour playing through Oracle. Does anyone know why Jim's maps were so cryptic? I've done some searching, but I can't find anything. His maps from the mid-90s are very cryptic, tons of switches/puzzles. I almost felt like giving up a few times with Oracle.
  4. Oh man! That's crazy to see this gem pop up... I had Doom I/II on the GBA and would always whip it out after exams in high school. 2005... a world away... before social media and 24/7 internet connections.
  5. princetontiger

    What was the reception of Final Doom back in 1996?

    I didn't hear about Final Doom until playing Doom 3! So... there was very little coverage. Maybe there was some mention in game magazines like pcgamer, but I don't recall. The Doom II launch was HUGE. I remember buying a physical copy at my local ebgames (now gamestop).
  6. princetontiger

    [USDQC] Friday Night Survival #144 - NDCP2 - ZDaemon

    Nice... I'm going to join at some point. Good to see ZDaemon still active...
  7. princetontiger

    How much i got on my usb flash drive

  8. princetontiger

    Doom II Master Levels

    This is right. Just researched Dr. Sleep's Inferno series (these maps became parts of other projects, like Ultimate Doom and Master Levels).
  9. princetontiger

    I don't enjoy Doom anymore.

    Dude I know exactly how you feel. I answer the same conundrum with long pauses (years) between picking classic Doom back up again. At a certain point, all I want to do is play techbase maps circa 1997-2007... Once I hit that phase, I take a long break.
  10. princetontiger

    Doom II Master Levels

    Does anyone know why some of the WADs are not MAP01, but other later maps? What is the logic for this? Thanks
  11. princetontiger

    Trenidition - Now on idgames! (1 boom-compatible map)

    I'm a sucker for techbase maps... This was great fun! I'm going to try Dynacrium next!
  12. princetontiger

    Herschel Spaceport -- One MBF21 Map for Doom II

    Amazing work! Enjoyed playing it (found via /idgames)
  13. princetontiger

    [USDQC] Friday Night Survival #144 - NDCP2 - ZDaemon

    How many people are joining these? I haven't been on zdaemon in ages...
  14. princetontiger

    SHOVELWARE ADVENTURE! (Huge Vanilla Map)

    Old, but worth a bump... I enjoyed this wad! Incredible map, and a ton of fun for anyone looking for an oldschool-esque adventure.
  15. princetontiger

    How many hours spent playing Doom over your life time?

    Good question From 1993-1996, I played Doom off and on. When Doom 3 came out, I got back into doom... from 2003 to 2008, I played several hours a week. Then from 2013-2015, I played quite a bit. Then from 2019 to present. I seem to have a few year intervals where I go dormant from the game and then come back. Always fun to see the community grow/change.