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  1. The Doomist

    Making a "fish" actor that would float around?

    Thanks, guys. I'll try your options. :)
  2. I wanna make fish NPCs that pretty float, which would look like they would swim underwater. Could someone tell me how to make basic movement? It's supposed to be a basic actor that cannot attack.
  3. The Doomist

    me dancing to e1m1

    This totally made my day. **
  4. The Doomist

    The Complete Doom Accessory Pack?

    Yeah, pretty much what I'm thinking. I don't think there are any good shovelwares out there...
  5. The Doomist

    The Complete Doom Accessory Pack?

    So, I was looking at an eBay auction for some shovelware of Doom... http://www.ebay.ca/itm/The-Complete-Doom-Accessory-Pack-PC-1994-/390624422396?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item5af307a9fc&_uhb=1 It looks interesting. First off, it comes with programs and cheats, which I've never seen in a Doom pack before(not into the shovelware thing.), and it comes in volumes, which I think there are four of them. If you've used it before, is it any good? I'm not getting it, just interested. Not to mention, I have a feeling it has much to be desired. I'm pretty sure this is a more known shovelware than most, and it's also from 1994, and the box art looks horrbile! Are those balloons!? So yeah... If you had it or experienced it, some sharing would be appreciated! :)
  6. The Doomist

    Vote for Doom 2

    So many voted for Doom 2! I think it worked.
  7. The Doomist

    Romero posted a doom 2 cover poster on FB

    Definitely odd. That was the original box art, right? The CyberDemon just looks like a mutant bull with metallic hooves...
  8. Eh, I could live without 5.25" floppies. Never really liked the look of them, or the size. Thinking of Doom on 5.25"s is kind of weird. Those must be REALLY rare. Never seen a 3.25" release besides shareware... :I
  9. The Doomist

    How to lower a sector, then change it's texture?

    What is XLAT?
  10. I know this was possible with vanilla Doom, or at least when a sector raises, but I want to make it look like nukage is being drained into sewer grates. Is there a script command to do so, or do I not see a linedef command? I use ZDoom in Hexen format, by the way. EDIT: Am I able to add a key to activate it too?
  11. The Doomist

    TrenchBroom can't find the Quake models or textures.

    I uhh... forgot to the choose the path of my Quake directory... never mind. ;)
  12. The Doomist

    TrenchBroom can't find the Quake models or textures.

    Texture wad? You mean the PAK files? And where do I put them?
  13. The Doomist

    Changing armor value for custom character classes?

    Wait, so my class inherits from the DoomPlayer. Can I still use HexenArmor?
  14. Oh look, another Quake post! (Looking at you hardcore_gamer!) It seems like TrenchBroom can't find any models or textures when it starts up, and I REALLY wanna make Quake maps! Help, anyone? EDIT: Solved!
  15. I'm currently working on a multiplayer mod, and each class has different health, and hopefully armor. But, from what I know, I can only change health not armor. Is there a way to change it? Thanks.