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  1. My short lived editing days are over. I had to get a new hard drive after mine suddenly died, where I had to get a new one and re-install all my games and other things. My maps were pretty cool, and it's the end of the summer, where school will over-take my life. Doom maps were hard to make anyway, with its limitations. I MIGHT make ZDoom maps, probably Quake maps, but only time will tell. I still play DOOM (and always will) and I will still go on the forum, but a special thanks to all the editors who helped me :)

    EDIT: I use ZDaemon for MultiPlayer, and my name is Derpy-Derp. One limitation is my fault, since I don't know how to sprite. :/

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    2. 40oz


      Well at least you're still playing. I rarely am able to budget time for mapping but playing doom still gives me ideas to jot down. I have a lot of original map ideas that I've yet to bring to fruition. Some day I'll complete them though.

    3. The Doomist

      The Doomist

      Thanks guys :) On my spare time, I'll look into it. For a while I have been thinking of making some DeathMatch maps, and playing some Doom and some WADs might give me inspiration. Oh, and yes, think of 'over' as 'hiatus'.

    4. EarthQuake


      Yeah, never say "over".

      Even if some catastrophe hits and you lose everything, that's a shit-poor excuse to stop doing something you like. Take a break if you need, but when you parade around saying it's "over", it's going to be that much harder to actually reverse that statement.

      I have a lot on my plate in real-life, but I still manage to find time for mapping and modding. It's not impossible, but do focus on your studies, when you must.