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Everything posted by freder

  1. freder

    Favorite color?

    But seriously, I prefer blue.
  2. freder

    Band names

    I like the name Psychic Lynx, it makes me think of a psychic link. We've done some music stuff before, I wanted Soda to do a cover of "Dig it" by the Beatles and that eventually morphed into some of the background music in his "Sam's Adventure" game.
  3. freder

    Raspberry Pi

    Sweet, you'll have to treat us to some pics of your set up when it's ready. If I order one I might build a nice all-in-one wooden case for it as an homage to the single board home computers of the late 70s.
  4. freder

    I swear my dad's full of shit

    I was actually referring to slow scan tv, which began to be used by amateurs in the 1950's. The old mechanical systems started becoming popular again in the 70's, I just meant that if pirates wanted to get into tv back in the 50s that would have been their only option :P
  5. freder

    I swear my dad's full of shit

    Exactly, the first color broadcasts were around 1958 and were generally major events like the '58 Rose bowl. Any color equipment at the time would have been relegated to laboratories at places like RCA. Even SStv was in it's infancy. If pirates had wanted to get into tv at the time their best bet was probably the narrow bandwidth mechanical systems that could be broadcast over short wave signals, albeit with very low quality and frame rates.
  6. freder

    I swear my dad's full of shit

    It could have been a color set and he just didn't know it because there was so little color broadcasting at the time. The most unlikely thing that I can think of is that they had a pirate station broadcasting in color so long ago. Perhaps some well of amateur radio enthusiasts performing color broadcast experiments, but not pirates per-say, tv equipment was very expensive in those days and often required intense light and cooling.
  7. freder

    Here we are on the internet

    We've come a long way, explored so much more... http://www.craigbellamy.net/images/online_communities.png
  8. freder

    Old movies vs. new movies?

    I'd say it's perhaps about the same. The reason we think of good movies from the old days is because the bad ones have had time to fade from our memories. For every Hitchcock classic in the 50s and 60s there must have been a hundred stinkers of varying budgets. 1980 was an awesome year in my opinion. We got Star Wars episode V, Airplane!, Caddyshack, The Shining, Friday the 13th, and The Blues Brothers, which showed off Chicago as a prime shooting location for the rest of the decade.
  9. I recently made my first level and so far I've just been placing random monsters and items around the map to test things out. It seems sort of unbalanced. I was wondering if there was a trick to having a good monster / weapon ratio so that the player can be surrounded by potential death while not having to worry about being too overwhelmed or running out of ammo too early.