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  1. I just tested it and yup, works perfectly. Finished map 30, it went to the ending screen ("You painfully get up and return to the fray") and begins Entryway smoothly. Regarding more than 2 player spawn points: I think if you're trying to remain true to PSX Doom (and I think you are considering the Sony startup/Williams screens), you shouldn't allow for more than 2 because that's all the game supported. Thank you for the fixes.
  2. Sure. For multiplayer: Open PSXDOOM.BAT with an editor Have the last line look like this: START GZDOOM.EXE +EXEC PSXDOOM.CFG -CONFIG PSXDOOM.INI -host 2 -warp 29 -extratic The joining player would only need to add the following START GZDOOM.EXE +EXEC PSXDOOM.CFG -CONFIG PSXDOOM.INI -join [IPADDRESS] Port 5029 UDP needs to be forwarded on your router. Shockingly, the netcode is better than Diablo 3's.
  3. Thanks for your hard work on the total conversion. I played PSX Doom so often in the late 90s that a friend and I developed our own way to play the game over the network using one disc, and actually, in our ignorance, we were so close to splicing up the network cable to try to get 4 players going at the same time. I wonder if the PS1 maps even HAD 4 player starting positions. Anyway, I made a YouTube video showing 4 bugs I've found so far. A friend and I will continue to play the entire game through to see if we can find others or improve it.