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  1. Not supposed to happen. Your glboom is broken. Format your computer! Nah seriously, it's one of the first places where you have to cheat or play on skill 1-2. ;) Anyway, I see you figured it out. Good job.
  2. For what it's worth, if you want the maps ordered by difficulty here is my personal experience. I haven't played all maps (or latest releases for that matter). I think it's pretty accurate going from easy to hard using a somewhat normal 'get to the exit' gameplay. There are some maps out there with a major difficulty change when you exploit some glitches (ie: mult, temple arena, trick or cheat) and some maps that have a luckfest phase and afterward become really easy (insane trip, the farthest reach). I have to say most maps have pretty overal balanced gameplay. Anyway, my personal maplist ordered by difficulty (on UV): 01 = Assault on UAC Base 13 (v5) - Phendrena 02 = Mult (v1) - gggmork 03 = Desecration (v4.1) - Rayzik 04 = Broken mind (v2) - Archi 05 = Aquafresh Crescents (v3) - Hurricyclone 06 = Wavebreaker (v3) - cannonball 07 = Metastasizing slaughterfest (v5) - Daiyu_Xiaoxiang 08 = Exodus remix (v1) - Grain of Salt 09 = Firestarter (v3) - cannonball 10 = Shanghai massacre (v2) - Daiyu_Xiaoxiang 11 = Untitled BFG map (v2) - Phml 12 = Untitled (v1) (Fierce attack?) - tatsurd-cacocaco 13 = Joyless (v2) - Dannebubinga 14 = Red recluse (v4) - ArmouredBlood 15 = Gut buster (v4) - Krispy 16 = Insane trip part I (v3) - darkdave1985 17 = Temple arena (v2) - Ribbiks 18 = Poop (v1) - gggmork 19 = Pathogenesis (v3) - Darkreaver 20 = dholes (v1) - TimeOfDeath 21 = Escaping the spiral labyrinth (v2) - TimeOfDeath 22 = Daiyu's chamber (v5) - Daiyu_Xiaoxiang 23 = Trick or cheat (v4) - __Lagger__ 24 = Pacman (v3) - __Lagger__ 25 = Castle of the damned (v1) - TimeOfDeath 26 = Butt (v2) - gggmork 27 = The farthest reach (v2.1) - Rayzik Also, I'm working on a update for pacman and aim for a release this weekend. It will feature a fix for the cyber platforms and a multiplayer fix (which ended up becoming a total makeover of the map making it at least 10x bigger).
  3. Tatsurd, I really like the layout and texture usage. Also the map offers nice various gameplay: from small cramped fights, to a circlestrafe arena. When you use the cyber in the red key area for infights and you know the secret to wipe out the 4 cybers near spawn, the player won't have any trouble at all ammowise. - I agree with ribbiks on some monster block lines which tend to make it very easy to kill monsters. - As well as the water near yellow skull key. It's too easy, although running past the revs to the monster block line area is easy too since cybs will shoot revs all the time and the revs will be a good... ehm bone shield. If you feel this needs to be harder: replace those revs with a cyber or with viles. I don't think it's necessary to make things any harder though: the final arena is tricky enough with viles, homing rockets and blocking caco's/pe's/souls. - The yellow switch near the bfg needs a fix. Currently, it doesn't require a yellow key.
  4. Thanks, I googled those images. Then I added the text using wordart + photoshop. ZDoom will load the high resolution versions. Not claiming any secret map, but I think my Trick or cheat map would suit that slot perfectly. I notice some people are just not interested to solve the tricks. Only those who really want to, should play it. At the same time I can add a never seen before way for a secret exit, preferably on the Pacman map (can't explain why, it would spoil the trick). It would certainly 'connect' those 2 maps.
  5. What are the plans for any secret exit, Ribbiks?
  6. I'm not sure if they are all yours but here is a log of prboom with the texture pack v1. It says the patches are missing, even though they are there. I don't know why they work fine with your standalone map. Maybe someone could explain?
  7. Yes I'm not going to release another 25MB for some minor updates. New maps will do. The map order will change too. Thanks! Just tested this and it happens in glboom too. The texture pack is flawed. When I compiled the initial tex-pack prboom started complaining about 4-6 textures being incorrect and I removed them. All these textures were used as flats too, with exactly the same name. Maybe I should have used some other tex/flat order in the pack. I don't know since the documentation on this is really poor and inconsistent. Daiyu, could you please rename those textures even though they look the same? Thanks. Please, use the mapname since the map order will change in future updates. I did check it in the editor. It is time dependant and will open eventually after the invasion. The whole invasion starts when you get near the BFG.
  8. Do you expect every release to be better than the previous one? From that logic I'd say we need more contributors or the project will take longer every year. Perhaps the next slaughterfest should be named Slaughterfest 4 instead of 2014, so people have more time to submit higher quality. Well, if they do... However, it's also possible to just release something every year. After several editions you could build a "Best of Slaughterfest" or a "Slaughterfest collectors edition" containing all (best) so far. It is corny, but it's probably best for those who want something new on a regular base AND for those who just seek quality. Ah well, just an idea. So far we do get all map slots filled and even tested before the end of the year. I like most of the maps for various reasons and think it would be shame to completely dismiss for example 10 of them. I feel that the not so good maps lack original/fun gameplay, aesthetics or both. If people would offer and accept each others help a bit more (the way Grain of Salt offered and gggmork accepted kind of help)... Grain of Salt, my maps will have some major changes first. I would be happy if you want to add better details later on. I have played all the maps and got a list of it in my mind ordered by quality. Trust me, you're not near the bottom of this list. Then again, this is just my opinion. ;) Some highlights of your map in particular: challenging gameplay, nice texturing, tricks/speedrun possible.
  9. __Lagger__

    Incompletable Maps Project

    Yes, this idea is probably stolen from my beautiful Trick or cheat submission for slaughterfest 2013. Except, my map is actually possible.
  10. I didn't have time to play all maps in singleplayer yet, but I did all in a team online. I noticed that Daiyu's chamber was much harder in single player than expected (yellow key + end) and possibly deserves a map20+ mapslot. Actually, I tried to prevent to put all of Archi's map in a row. And I felt a split up in difficulty from the first 14 maps and the other 18 maps. Many mappers here have a typical mapping style and I can imagine people getting bored of doing 6 similar maps in a row. Hence the order. Yes, Exodus Remix was definitely in the easier catagory, but could have been map14 just as well. Grain of Salt, please don't add viles and remove ammo. One thing I hate is a lack of ammo: how are you supposed to slaughter? If you want your map to be harder, perhaps more viles and more ammo would work. The player would get closed in quicker and/or get hit more often by (resurrected) mobs and it might be a lot harder to stay alive.
  11. Hurricyclone, I'm not going to adjust any gameplay. The idea is to fix multiplayer "bugs". For example: Some maps feature traps rooms with bars so the player won't leave the room. Problems arise when the trapped player doesn't know what to do and dies in the trap room. If this happens, other players won't be able to finish the map, because they are locked outside the trap and won't be able to hit that required switch or pick up that one key located inside the trap room. There is a very easy and obvious fix for this (adding a teleporter that transports you beyond the bars into the trap room). Unfortunately some mappers never play online. They don't know the problems and hence never consider a fix. Phml, I got the point of the minimum of 3 lines right away and never considered it should be changed.
  12. I definitely didn't edit any of the maps. At start I used doombuilder to compile everything to 1 wad because someone on the interwebs said it was easy and a good way to do this. Then I noticed it was very bugged (removing existing maps and such) and slow, so I just did this the copy paste way using slumped. I know darkdave1985's map was added in a later release so I'm sure there was no Doombuilder there to make any changes to your map. I do know what causes texture changes and I blame bad texture packs like gothictx. Don't get me wrong, I think these textures look awesome which makes it great. The reason why it's bad is because it replaces existing doom textures. This instead of keeping the originals and adding new ones with new names. Eventually this ends up with 1 map requiring the original texture and another map requiring the gothictx replacement texure. Well you can't have both textures with the same name. If you feel your map looks wrong then try to load the map with the original texture pack and all should be fine. Heh, I leave it up to Ribbiks to fix all that stuff for a final release. If I had to organise an event like this I'd definitely make some very strict rules regarding custom texture usage. >:D As for the multiplayer feedback provided, it is NOT trying to tell you whether your map is fun/balanced/good/bad in multiplayer and I'm definitely not saying that maps have to be multiplayer oriented. It's just that some maps aren't playable at all (technical issues, not gameplaywise). TimeOfDeath don't worry, your maps work fine online and there's plenty to kill. There are usually no bars that block other players out etc. To all map authors, I would be glad to add multiplayer fixes to your map: minor fixes that make them actually load online and prevent players from getting stuck. I will not change any gameplay and I don't want to change anything without permission. Please, let me know if you want me to add fixes that just affect multiplayer issues.
  13. Archi, your latest version of Broken mind makes Zandronum servers crash, the map won't load. I noticed in singleplayer some loud noise from the exit. Perhaps this is the cause?
  14. Version 4 available here: http://static.best-ever.org/wads/sf2013_pre-release_v4.wad Requires following texture pack: http://static.best-ever.org/wads/sf2013pr-tex_v2.wad