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  1. xorceror: My new neighbor freaks me the fuck out.
    Chesterules: he hits on you?
    xorceror: No.
    xorceror: He looks like he was an extra in Deliverance... he drives an old pick up truck that is filled with garbage. He's been there 3 days and has yet to unpack anything. No furniture, no kitchen table, NOTHING. There's a small folding chair in the middle of the room.
    xorceror: He's got red lights in his apartment.
    xorceror: And he stands at his sink all day.
    xorceror: When I go out for a cigarette, he turns his head slowly at me.
    xorceror: WHAT THE FUCK.
    xorceror: He sends chills down my spine.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. baronofheck82


      Sounds like a nice, normal fellow :P

    3. Coopersville


      Unpacking is bullshit. I like this guy.

    4. Maes


      Creaphis said:

      I'm sure he's fascinating.

      What if he mentions squealing like a pig?