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  1. it's 1:24am I must be ... Saturday nighted. I have nothing to say. Beer makes me sick, liquor is much better. But ... hey, I'm listening to a song called Sail. It's really ..actually.. kind of awesome. I can't remember where I've heard it before, but right now my good friend is playing it from his laptop hooked up to some decent external speakers. "Sail!" by AWOLNATION. good stuffs.

    ok.. this post needs more. MOAR roar. apple fuzzies. What else. What I was gonna say is beer is much cheaper than liquor. Now mah buddeh put on "knock" by eminem mac miller. This is the state of our nation/world . We hang out on our computers, so we don't even have to interact anymore. My cat is cool, tho. I mean COOL. LOLKat is his name. this post is /fail.

    Edit: I ran a red light while driving drunk. This is not good.

    more edit: finger bib by Aphex Twin is now playing.

    edit: oh shit! Urban Sprawl II by Arcade Fire!! (omg swoon)

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    2. Technician


      I wouldn't mind trying sky-diving one day.

    3. DoomUK


      We were promised a drunken Blogs thread, and we got no less than that. Hellbent doesn't disappoint.

      As for sky diving/base jumping, I would love to give it a go. And I'm scared shitless of heights.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Hellbent said:

      I have nothing to say

      Didn't kill my baby today?

      Yeah I saw that video when one of the id guys posted it (I think it was Tom Hall?). But even though I've never had much interest in skydiving, this wingsuit stuff looks like it might be worth it (apparently you have to skydive a bunch of times before being a "licensed" wingsuit flyer or something)