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  1. One should not need an excuse to feel compelled to fulfill unsolicited requests: make me a dungeon level with GSTONE as the dominent theme. It should be dark, dingy and damp. Something with the atmosphere of e3m4, perhaps, but more interesting as the gstone portion of that level is a bit simple. I'd like it to be somewhat puzzle-oriented, in that a dungeon should require a little bit of puzzling out to find the way forward. Secrets, of course, should be part of the deal. Monster count should be on the low side, and the level shouldn't be too hard and should start out rather easy. Doom 1 please, not doom 2.

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    2. Memfis


      Cool map if a little too dark (some torches here and there would help). Here is a demo of my first playthrough - http://speedy.sh/e8ZvT/hellbent-mem-FDA.rar (watch in prboom-plus or other classic port)

    3. Planky


      Its just light enough for me but thats on a bright LCD... its hard to get right to suit most people. Thanks for the demo, will go grab prboom and check it out.

    4. Memfis


      It's not only about brightness. Contrast lighting adds depth to the rooms, which is very important in my opinion. doom.wad does this a lot:

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