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  1. I'm really bored so gonna say some things that happened in my boring life lately. I went to work, and did work there. Photoshop mostly. I don't have any art training or any natural talent as an artist at all, but the boss likes working with me, so there I am, making crude planets as the 'mock ups' for the pages. This chapter has been redone numerous times, but no one can get it right (the plumes, man, the plumes!) The chapter is chapter 7 and it's about how the moon came to be white and also what early Earth might have been like: lots of hot plumes and pyroxine crystals and plagioclase. Basically the plagioclase that formed on the moon wasn't able to be subducted again because the moon is too small to keep that inner convective subduction engine going (and also, perhaps more importantly, because the moon does not rotate like the Earth does); so the moon became white and the Earth didn't. Plagioclase is the mineral that makes the moon white.

    The book I'm working on is really awesome. It's called Looking into the Expanding Universe: From the Big Bang to the Development of the Big Bang Theory. It's a big picture (or big history) book that aims to give you an easy to read overview of like the universe and our little corner of the universe and stuff we do on planet earth for the last since like before we were apes (I guess we evolved from lemurs or something). Almost every page is a full image spread with sparse text on each page (so it kind of looks like a children's book but it is not).

    My boss is really fun to work with. We share an uncommon propensity towards goofy shenanigans at work. We have some dumb ass sayings that crack us up like (shit, I can't think of any of them right now except for "six of one half a dozen of the other" when choosing between two different options).

    Today I earned $172.50 and yesterday $150.00. Not bad for messing around in Photoshop (I'm sorta getting decent at it, but mostly the shit I do is pretty crude and fugly). I want to write more about my boring, pathetic life, but I can't think of anything else to share.

    I saw a rainbow today coming out of a brightly lit frayed clump of fog on the expansive, picturesque property at work at the end of the day.

    I helped a snapping turtle across the street to the pond. It was a big sucker. I was wearing black dress shoes and orange swim trunks and no shirt; directing traffic while I tried to figure out a way to get the giant turtle to not just sit in the middle of the street waiting for the cars to go away. They're not going to go away, guy, you got to walk. I walked around to his back and he started walking. It felt good helping the turtle as it very well could have gotten run over as people often come around the corner too fast.

    Oh yeah, my boss and I do mock fighting at random intervals during the day (particularly during long days). The longer the work day, the sillier and bedoogled we get. Oh yeah, another saying we've been saying a lot lately is "make it betterer" or "make it more gooder" or "make it more gooderer". She resorts to this sort of tomfoolery more than I do, but it does crack me up. She's fond of saying "it's the book that writes itself" --you could really say that is the motto for the Geobook project (as she calls it).

    She has been working on this project for about 2+ years in earnest (and about 10 years total, 8 years before she started hiring people). There is going to be an App of the book for the iPad as well that will hopefully be released soon as well as being on the iBooks.

    Our website is a work in progress, but if you are interested in learning more about Geobooks feel free to check it out: geobookstudio.org

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    2. Hellbent


      Maes said:

      Showcasing Hellbent's (and others') poor astronomy knowledge = full of awesome now?

      You know something about astronomy? Do tell

    3. Snakes


      That's been eating at you for 17 hours now, eh?

    4. Maes


      Hellbent said:

      You know something about astronomy? Do tell

      My childe, wanteth thou to know all the things that Master Maes knoweth about the science of astronomy? Readeth this tome *bang* *hands Hellbent a heavy astronomy textbook*

      Wish you a happy reading, and see you in 3 years atop the Elder's Mountain when you'll be ready.