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  1. A guy at a karaoke bar sang "I want it that away" and after he finished, recognizing that it was a hit with the girlies, I said "you really did a great job!" but I was trying to say it with a hint of tongue in cheek... like.. "you know you were just doing that song cause the chicks would go for it" and he was like "thanks!" and then asked me where I'm from etc. and said he was from out of town and only in the area for 7 weeks and then gave me his number... .... .... ........ ........ feeling kind of like .. ehh.. errr.. uhh... and recongizing the hot chicks he was attracting (he could sing well enough and wasn't a bad looking bloke, just graudated from Juiliard school of music as a flautist, apparently, and got the hottest girl in the club to dance/sing with him) i was like whatever... and he put his number in my iphone (why don't guys have it this easy with girls? man.. life could be soo different....) anyway... so like.. is the automatic conclusion that this guy is gay or what? I gestured for him to hit on the cute asian girl that was dancing near us and he's like "nah, I know her too well" and I was like "well, in that case..." (cause I had been trying to suss out whether she was receptive or not) anyway.... my response didn't deter him from giving his number to me..


    your advices are welcomez

    [/drunk post]

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    2. Maes


      Hellbent said:

      change my avatar like i change my underwear.


    3. Hellbent


      Maes said:


      Well, you set me up pretty good Maes.

      Maes said:

      wash your butt just in case.

    4. DuckReconMajor


      Maes wears underwear?

      Then what the hell is that thing?