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  1. decisions... decisions.

    Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons in no particular organized fashion:

    It's supposed to rain in Boston on July 4th whereas in NYC not.
    NYC is slightly closer to me and I can get into the city without paying any tolls (whereas entrance into Boston is over $3 in tolls), but NYC club cover charges are ridiculous ($30 at the last club I went to there, but a drunk/doped up chick I randomly met on the street paid my cover) but certainly I can't expect to do that every time I go to a club in NYC :D I've seen the fireworks in Boston and they're very good, but again, rain is forecast (severe weather possible, too). I can't recall if I've ever been in NYC for the 4th of July, but hard to imagine you could find better fireworks elsewhere. Another major bonus to NYC is it has 24 hour subway and 4am closing time compared to Boston where the T quits at 1:30am and the bars close at 2am.

    My main interest in going to either place is the night life.

    I haven't been able to find any non-upscale dance clubs in NYC that play run of the mill dance/pop music, which is sort of a drawback for me because, 1. I don't want to spend $150+ in one night and 2. I prefer basic pop music remixes that get played in run of the mill night clubs with $10 covers to fancy-shmancy DJs that I've never heard of and aren't particularly impressed by their music. I cannot for the life of me find such a cub in NYC. :-/ All the night clubs are high grade DJs that play repeating techno beats that are boring to listen to and boring to dance to.

    What I want to hear in a night club all night long:

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    2. DoomUK


      Hellbent said:


      Why would you want to listen to that all night long?

      "Club music" of any variety just makes me want to bore a hole in my own brain.

    3. Hellbent


      DoomUK said:

      Why would you want to listen to that all night long?

      "Club music" of any variety just makes me want to bore a hole in my own brain.

      each to their own, chucky. I do realize I am rather unpopular with my interest in popular music on these forums. But that track doesn't even fall under the umbrella of pop music. It is ultra bad ass tho.

      To answer your question properly, tho: it infuses me with good feelings, lots of energy and puts me in an overall happy place.

    4. DoomUK


      Oh well. As long as we get a drunken blogs post about hott grlz then I can tolerate the notion of others enjoying something that I don't.