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  1. wow, three super hot girls just came on... i waved. they smiled and gigled, but then left :( i don't really like talking--i prefer typing... I'm actually kinda surprised how many good looking people on there. I probably should be better looking to have any luck :(

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    2. fraggle


      You should definitely do the Locke orange-in-mouth thing.

    3. betabox


      My webcam comes with a handy slider that covers the lens. It has its own built-in mic, too. The one time I used chatroulette was to merely troll while the other person saw but a black screen.

      You know, it's not easy to stick with a system like that when 90% of the people you meet are dick flailers.

    4. Tango


      hey hellbent there's this really cool feature to chat roulette you should check out. if you have it open and you let yourself drift a little bit but not fall asleep all the way... when you wake up again it's still there on your computer, but the time will actually be later than it was when you started to drift! it's magic!

      and completely safe! oh. i guess that makes it no fun huh