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  1. Wow, this game has been around for a long time. I dusted off an old Pictionary game I hadn't played in .. decades .. and the game is apparently made in 1984. Indeed, we decided the word 'blowpipe' was a dated term since none of us knew what it was.

    Was a fun game. It see-sawed a lot. At first we were winning, then the other team somehow got a very comfortable lead, and then somehow we rallied and wittled it down until we were both on the final AP square, duking it out for the glory of victory. Shoot, I don't remember what the last all play was. Oh yes, 'picnic'. Some notable drawings for our team were 'tuning fork' (probably about 7 or 8 seconds) 'up' (about one or two seconds); and then the word was either 'launch' 'take off' or 'lift off' which I guessed in about 5 seconds (that was a real fluke). A fail on our team was when I failed to guess 'Jupiter' (my teammate did not make a textbook diagram of the solar system) still, when cosmos, sun, astronomy, astrology, stars, heavens, celestial and slew of other words did not get me anywhere, I should have thought to start naming planets.

    Oh, and then there was an all play on 'fortune cookie'. I used about half the booklet of paper on that one (I was drawing). That was pretty ridiculous, but fun. I was actually kind of surprised the opposing team didn't get it before we did, because my partner was really dropping the ball on that one. It took about 4 minutes to establish "chinese food". After that, I drew a fortune cookie on a plate... and she somehow got it. I'm half tempted to upload a sequence of drawings for it. The other one we got that was really hard was 'illusion' (I used the other half of the book on that one). I heard the opposing team guess "mirage" about 20 seconds in and I was like "wtf, how they get that far already?" (I don't know how to draw a desert). Finally my partner guessed optical illusion after an endless series of a stick figure looking at an "oasis" (a lake and then later a palm tree added) and then looking at even ground... I redrew this over and over and over and over... but the guessing was very slow to get anywhere.

    Driving home just now there was a car accident near where I live (a somewhat dangerous intersection that I never stop at). There were a bunch of police cars and about 3 or 4 different cars involved (but I could only see one that was badly damaged). tsk tsk...

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    2. Hellbent


      Khorus said:

      oh gawd I hope I'm misreading this

      nah, i stop, just messin.

    3. 40oz


      I've gotten really good at pictionary, although we don't use the board game, we just have a stopwatch, and hat filled with small pieces of paper with verbs and adjectives and concepts on them. In fact, you can google that and get free printouts.

      The best way to win in pictionary is to understand how to lead your guesser into saying the word you want them to say, and drawing specific details on your drawing to direct them to what part of your drawing should be focused on.

      Say your word is running shoes. If you draw the shape of a shoe for example, your guesser will probably say "shoe, sneaker, slipper, sock, boot" at this point you've already got them to say half of word, so just quit drawing it and start drawing a stick figure in a running motion to the left of it. Your guesser will get it right away.

      You can give me some of the hardest words you can think of and I can draw them. One time I had the word "Orphanage"

      I started by drawing a stick figure, then another stick figure next to it wearing a dress. At this point my guesser is guessing "Love, date, husband and wife, mom and dad?" so I continue the drawing by drawing a smaller stick figure next to it. "Parents? Family?"

      I've gotten my guesser to say parents, so I circle the parents and draw a slash to indicate that the parents are gone. "lost child? abandoned? babysitter? no parents... orphan?" Then after I've gotten them to say orphan, I begin drawing a house around the child stick figure. "foster home! oh! ORPHANAGE!"

      I got a lot of practice from playing Draw My Thing which is a cool online flash game similar to pictionary. Another related game is Drawception.

    4. Hellbent


      wonderful post, 40oz. Just the kind of post I was looking for. :)

      We drew some really tough words last night. I'm trying to see if i can remember what they were. One was 'shapely' and both drawers agreed to skip it. Thinking about it now, tho, it wouldn't be so hard to get people to guess it. The problem I find in Pictionary is that people's minds go blank under pressure and can only think of a handful of adjectives for "fat" and so not sure that either team would have gotten around to shapely after "fat, corpulent, obese, more to love, voluptuous, stocky" etc. , but who knows... There were much harder words but I can't think of them at the moment. BTW, how many minutes do you set your stop watch to? Maybe I'll propose playing pictionary on chat roulette sometime. :D

      EDIT: playing draw my thing right now. Lot of cheaters on there.. oh well.