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  1. writing down dreams isn't easy due to their abstract nature. This dream takes place somewhere in the countryside.

    I got caught up in some criminal activity. There were some other bad folk that I had to make dead if I was going to come out of the thing alive. There was a school or a community building of some kind that was, for some reason, densely packed with very old land mines from "the war". There was a nearby building across a field from the 'community building' (where all the people were, mostly young people--children). The nearby building was a warehouse type building with slabs of heavy marble. I guess the marble was valuable.

    I had somehow got caught up in this thing involving some criminal, murderous-type folk. There were about five or so mob-type men competing for some kind of quasi-elaborate heist somehow involving the marble that would make them fairly wealthy but would involve the deaths of everyone else for it to work--not just each other, but the community building filled with people that was booby trapped with old landmines. No one living in the community knew the building was riddled with mines.

    I'm trying to remember how I got caught up in the whole mess. Someone was helping me out, tho. The mob-men and I and the person helping me were at one point in the execution of the plan to get the marble were in a war zone at the 'community building'. I had no interest in getting involved in this war-scene that suddenly appeared like a timewarp into the past (but was in the present). I watched as people got shot, including the person that helped me pull the heist off. I sensed the chaos of the war-scene would work to my advantage. It was nighttime during the war-scene, because it would be less risky to pull the heist off at night. So I watched as people got shot in this firefight. Then the war-scene ended. In the chaos of the aftermath I was able to escape, or finish executing the plan, which I had little time to do. I think there were still three other mob-men that survived, tho, who I was competing with for my life and the paydirt (which was, I guess, some slaps of marble in the old, very large, dusty, dark barn-like warehouse). It was now or never.. it was me or them.

    I did the final act to set the plan in motion. Everyone was asleep. It was late in the night. I don't know where the mob-men were. I think they were at a nearby place; I think at a low building with floursescent lights between the old warehouse and the 'community building' (that was booby-trapped with old mines). I set the mines so they would detonate in a few hours around at the crack of dawn when everyone was asleep. The other mob-men would be asleep as well at the 'community building'. Everyone tied to the heist would be obliterated and none of it would be tied back to me. I stole across the dark field back to the warehouse.. or my house.. and I may or may not have been accompanied by the person who had helped me do the heist.... I remember thinking 'the police will never get me, everyone (ie, the evidence of my being linked to it or their deaths) will be destroyed.

    I think the next scene was at some kind of house party and an old friend of mine was there and I double crossed him. It was really cold and I didn't invite him to leave the party because of the big scandal/murder thing I was involved in. I was on the phone with someone (I think related to the heist) and I finished talking with them and told my friend I had to go and left him in the cold.

    After everything was set, all that was to be done was to wait. In the last wee-hours of the night I was back at the warehouse to get the marble, but some other guy was trying to sneak it and I had I guess at that point forgotten what the purpose of the elaborate heist was--by the time I had set the landmines to kill everyone else--it was more about surviving being killed myself from the mob-men than it was to get the paydirt (which was slabs of marble). I started to help the kind of cloaked figure haul away some heavy slabs of marble, but then my dad and the other manager of the marble warehouse saw us and so I had to act like nothing was going on and stopped helping the guy take the marble. He went off with his marble and my marble was inside my dad's minivan on the floor. I was a little concerned my dad would see my marble. If he did, would he know what I was up to? That I was involved in some murderous scheme to get it? Perhaps because it was too far beyond what he'd ever think I could be caught up in or because he simply just wasn't paying attention or had his mind on something else, he didn't make the connection--or simply just didn't see the stolen marble at all.

    I think I then went back to the very cold house where I had left my friend and some of his friends and other people were still milling about in the dregs of the party that was winding down (it was almost dawn). My friend was really cross with me (and maybe my sister was there for a brief moment). I think I tried to explain to him why I had to leave, but the whole scene was rather muddled. All I remember is my friend's cross face, my sister possibly being disapproving, and maybe even my friend's parents in some periphery faculty being surprised and disappointed as well.

    I left my friend at the house again and I guess headed towards the 'community building'. The mines never detonated.

    Dawn came and went and I went back to the 'community building' and school was in session there and 'the town' was busy and bustling--all the people were concentrated around this heavily booby-trapped building/town area.

    I was a little nervous milling around the town--would the mines blow? Would they blow one by one or would they all blow at the same time? I saw in mind's eye the mines were sort of stagnating in thick, almost black, blood, like skulls stuck on spikes sticking out of the ground, but hidden beneath the town/community building. Were they sinking? It didn't look like they were going to blow, but they were weird. I think they were soaked in the blood from the war-zone earlier. Perhaps that's why they didn't detonate. I didn't say anything or do anything. I just kept milling about since everyone was busy bustling about getting on with their day. It was kind of like a turn of the century type scene at Plymouth Rock or something--it had a slight white-washed, bonnet, pilgrim innocence to it.

    Even though it sort of occurred to me that I hadn't actually done anything criminal since the mines failed to detonate and that I could save myself from following through with this heinous crime, I felt like the act had been done, I had already committed the crime by setting the mines and stealing off in secret, even if it failed. And so I didn't back out of the evil-deed I had committed. I waited. For some reason leaving the town/building was not a good option, because then I'd lose sight of the other surviving mob-men that I had to make sure became dead. If I stayed milling around the town they would remain in the community building a non-threat to me. But if I left a safe distance to wait the eventual detonation of the bombs, they would somehow escape and be at large again and I'd be at their (lack of) mercy again.

    When it became evident the bombs were never going to blow, I remember going back to the warehouse and milling about there. Everything sort of diffused (ie. the tension, the danger, and I guess the bombs). I then woke up.

    There's probably other things I haven't recalled, but I will have to edit them in later if I remember anything else.

    1. DoomUK


      So were you in the car or on your bike when this happened?

    2. Hellbent


      ^ I was on my mobility scooter.

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      you forgot the deer who wanted revenge...