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  1. A and B are both true answers (and are the same person). Which is the best answer to give on the application? Here are my proposed answers:

    A. Through the hiring manager
    B. Through a friend
    C. word of mouth...
    D. other [please specify]


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    2. Hellbent


      Snakes said:

      Or fall asleep on the clock.

      I already did that during the trial period.

      Turns out they don't hire cripples. There's actually a pre-employment physical that you need to pass in order to get the job. The hiring manager didn't realize I was still on crutches. I went with her name, rather than title or association to me.

    3. Blastfrog


      So I take it you're not getting the job? :/

    4. Hellbent


      Sodaholic said:

      So I take it you're not getting the job? :/

      Since I've completed the application process (and it's relatively a doozey, and since the Hiring Manager wanted me to get it) I will be immediately hired with the first opening, which could be anywhere from one to six months or so. One girl working there is trying to find another job by November 1. So, here's rooting for her!