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  1. code:
    now what? The message doesn't give any clue as what I should do to make the package deliverable. I know why it's not deliverable (I no longer live there and mistakenly sent it to that address). Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr x-[

    EDIT: here's more information:
    Returned where??? I bought it on eBay.

    EDIT: I sent a request to USPS.com to hold my package at the local Northampton Post Office for me to pick it up and gave them the details that I posted here. Hopefully this will work!

    1. GreyGhost


      Hellbent said:

      Returned where??? I bought it on eBay.

      Returned to the seller I presume. Mightn't be a bad idea to update your personal details on eBay.

    2. Maes


      Did your parcel look like this?

    3. Hellbent


      returned to sender. I don't even want the item anymore it's going to be so long before it shipped back to the right address once the sender receives it. I won't get it in time for the weekend trip to Bar Harbor, (not that I can fucking hike yet anyway). Ugh, I'm in a perfectly shitty mood and it's not even 10am yet.