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  1. Oh boy, the time is rapidly approaching and my best man speech is rather inappropriate thus far. Asking the fine upstanding anti-bellends of DW to help steer me in the right direction!

    Here's what I have so far:

    Well, I think I've accumulated a few more gray hairs these last couple weeks preparing my words for this special occasion. Not very far behind my brother I'm afraid.

    If Travis was the big man on campus in college, he's now the big kahuna, shaker and mover in Great Torrington. He has shown himself to be a natural born leader. In college, always the life of the party, he led the way to greater times in the dorm halls of Green Mountain College. But since those good ol' days, he has learned to take his love of playing and good times and turn them into a positive force in the community. A proponent of building local economy he has advocated for the use of Berkshares as a means to keep commerce within the community. Travis is about to share his life with a very special person and while sharing was never one of the character traits of his that I particularly remember as kids, I can now say he has been a big proponent of getting everyone in the community to share the road. If you're not one of the people he has gotten on a bicycle in the last several years (shame on you), maybe you are one of the people in your car shaking your fist at a pack of cyclists who have taken a rather liberal interpretation of the term 'share the road' and feel their healthy, human powered activity and power in numbers gives them a right to a rather healthy share. Now he gives what little free time he has when he's not at the shop making sure the Berkshire Bike and Board ship is sailing smoothly to do a radio show to further the cause for local community.

    Travis has treated me like a little brother. [beat] As kids, I always looked up to him and saw him as a role model. He was popular, he was cool, and if I was able to follow him down the same ski slopes on vacations to Killington or Sugarloaf, I was never able to do it with the same panache and style, flying over the edge of what to me back then looked like sheer cliffs guising as ski slopes. That was just the way it was: little brother would never be as good as big brother. Travis is a common sense, nuts and bolts kind of guy, while I have always had my head in the clouds and not the firmest grasp on common sense, which, I see it now, is the reason I received so much brotherly love when we were growing up.

    While he typically is the one who would get the bad rap for picking on me when we were kids, it wasn't always without warrant. I still feel bad about the time I kicked him in the shins with my ski boots on. I have no idea now why I would think that that was a fun way to get back at him for whatever brotherly bullying I felt he had committed against me at the time. But that's in the past. At some point in our storied relationship Travis decided being an [barely catch myself] a certain-sevel-letter-word, did not need to be synonymous with being cool. When this happy change took place, I cannot rightly say, (we're not talking decades ago, people, you know it was probably last month) but it bode well for me and it showed that Travis was finally maturing into the thoughtful, caring man we have all grown to love today. Thank God adolescence only lasts through one's twenties. As he's matured from a preppy punk into the fine, upstanding man he is today he now continually goes out of his way for me and looks out for me and I couldn't ask for more from a brother or a friend.

    Melanie is no slouch either. Smart, hardworking and caring, Travis is lucky to have such a special person in his life. Few people have had the sort of life challenges to overcome that Melanie has had to face. She is a fighter. [I'll add more here later] Please raise your glasses to both having a long, healthy life full of playing and sharing.

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    2. durian


      Hellbent said:

      A good way to somewhat get me off the hook for mostly reading my speech (as I don't foresee myself avoiding that).

      Why not? The speech is not overly long, so you should have time to commit it to memory before the big day (have a written version on hand in case you get lost, of course). The best way to do this is just to rehearse it a few times, which you should do anyway. If you’re reading it out then you’ll be looking at a piece of paper, and so your ability to properly address your audience will be constrained.

      Hellbent said:


      Public speaking isn't as bad all that, and wedding speeches are good fun - the audience should be on your side (for the most part, I hope). Once you start you'll find that you're so hopped up on adrenalin that it all goes by in flash. Remember these words: Slow the fuck down! It's not a race to end, and people will enjoy it more if you don't rush it. Make sure to leave small pauses between each sentence - I know this is obvious, but when you're up it won't seem like you're rushing, but you almost certainly will be. And enjoy it!

    3. Hellbent


      Thanks! yeah, I rehearsed in front of my very old/deaf grandparents. I had to REALLY e=x=a=g=g=e=r=a=t=e the slowness and the volume. So that was good. I printed it out in REALLY BIG FONT, double spaced, and blocked each idea onto it's own page and then printed it out on hard stock. I think this is really key. It makes finding your place much easier so that I can look up at the audience more. Doing this really gave me a boost in confidence and calmed my nerves. So, yeah, my speech is now 24 pages long. :)

    4. Hellbent


      in case anyone cares. speech was a success. pretty much best speech of the nite. Was kinda surprised how well it went, to be honest. Was fielding complements all nite long. Got my brother to tear up, so that was good, although he felt I didn't necessarily need to dig up some pretty bad stories from the past, but that was the shit i could remember from our childhood--overall though, he said it was the speech he wanted. so overall, a good nite.

      edit: didn't get much tail.... got a dance with some old chicks... they were all about me and my cane... but did get a dance with a pretty cute engaged girl, when i started grinding on her, she's like "i'm engaged" and i'm like "oh yeah, sorry, alcohol and all" whatever... the blonde girl wouldn't let me hit on her proper, pretty sure she wasnt't interested in me hitting on her--although injured best man with cane was kinda hot on the dance floor (I tore up the dance floor, yo), nevertheless, the hot blonde wouldn't give me the time.... oh well...still had a blast.