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  1. ... because I posted a video of my brother's first dance on his wife's FB wall. Naturally the video has already received a ton of hits. Except when you watch the video on youtube it there are dozens of doom videos as suggested related videos. :-[ So I went into my youtube account and privatized them all. Now there's only one suggested video of my cousin's parakeet. I can live with that.

    ahh... *sigh* living in my private life.

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    2. Armaetus


      The video should be on his own Youtube page, not yours. Just have him make one and have him upload it to his own then so you can unprivate.

    3. Platinum Shell

      Platinum Shell

      I don't see how in any shape or form that you liking doom should affect your family. Or as you were saying in another thread on how they roasted on you for it; go ahead and ask them why their time burners are so much better. Otherwise, tell them to shove it.

    4. Armaetus


      Who really cares, put his video on a new account and link it on his Facebook page.