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  1. In the last decade, Honda has been seemingly slipping, making questionable cars with questionable fuel economy compared to the golden era of Honda . They finally produce a car to make me fall in love with the company again but only release it in select cities and a limited number. It's just .. why....

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    2. Krispy


      Japanese crap. Hey Hellbent, come take a visit to Detroit and see where your money isn't going.

    3. Sporku


      As far as design aesthetics go, I've never been a huge fan of Honda's cars. They've always struck me as very plain vehicles, and the only major talking point I've seen is that they maintain good resell value over time (much like Toyota). Personally I much prefer the overall look of Nissan's vehicles, if we're talking strictly about Japanese car makers... though Nissan does have some oddities in their vehicle lineup (such as the Juke or the appallingly ugly asymmetrical design of the Cube).

      I do like the push towards increased fuel economy and/or electric vehicles however, and I applaud any car maker who's willing to make risks in order to innovate in that realm. I've been seeing an increasing number of Chevrolet Volts on the road lately, and hearing a lot of good things about it as well. Was even a little tempted to take one for a test drive for the heck of it, though I'd never be able to actually own one considering I live in an apartment. Overall I'm not a huge fan of American cars, but I've been seeing some major improvements stateside from companies like Ford and Chevy.

      Given proper living conditions and disposable income, I'd gladly plop down a healthy amount of cash to invest in one of these bad boys (Tesla Model S).

    4. Hellbent


      I know what you mean about Honda being plain. I used to wonder what all the hubub was about Honda when I was younger since they looked like such ordinary, boring cars. Then I owned one. And I became a diehard fan. They are very fun to drive and have lots of (good) personality (unlike Toyota which really are mundane and uninspired). I like the Chevy Volt as well. Everyone in these parts still poo-poo American cars, but I tihnk Corvettes look great I think Chevy is doing a lot of good things right now, the Volt being the best thing. I've always wanted Hybids to be more electric with a small combustion engine instead of regular gas powered cars with small electric motors. The Volt really is the best car to buy right now because it has great range, you can use gas if you need to or when it's convenient, but you can also go all electric. It's the easiest, most convenient option. The only thing I don't like about it is I prefer a compact car. That Model S sure looks nice.

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