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  1. on GoodGame Empire.

    Tis fun, and you can actually progress without buying any rubies! :)

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    2. Hellbent


      yeah, sounds about right. I am lucky that I got taken into a powerful group.

    3. Cupboard


      Reminds me of when I played Travian, many summers ago in high school. All that micromanagement, setting buzzers in my home to remind me to build a crucial economics building, the use of dummy accounts to distract enemies. I got my dad into it and he played my account for months until the world was reset.

      It was a huge time suck, looking back. And little to show for it. Thrilling at the time. Learned some micromanagement skills but these kinds of games are designed like junk food.

      There are psychologists who make $$$ to figure out what schedule of reward is most fruitful in attracting players and keep them coming back to play these internet games.

    4. Maes


      I forgot to mention one of the worst aspects of those games: IF YOU STOP PLAYING, YOU'RE FUCKED. Stalling/laying off for a few days means either certain death or at best angry summons by your "tribal mates", especially if your clan is very active and has a coordinated leadership asking you to launch attacks etc. Just 2-3 days will make you be considered "inactive", and even your team mates will think nothing of taking over your resources unless you give specific orders.

      Again, with a premium account you usually get much better automation options.