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  1. I dreamt I was in a zombie apocalypse . At first, it was a play or something being acted out, and my friend was all made up and acting out someone who had become zombified or something, or was among zombies and trying not to get bit, but then a little later suddenly I was alone with like three other people and I was like where'd everyone go? and they were like "I think we're the only one's left, here". Apparently we were the sole survivors or everyone else had all taken off or zombified or what... no one knew. Strange, tho, there were no bodies or destruction. Just no other people or signs of life.

    I became paranoid at this point: the three others I was with (and myself) were haggard and looked like we'd become zombies any moment. I kept checking around myself spinning around to see my back and saying "one of us is going to be next, it's just a matter of time". We started walking away from the hill where I grew up and soon encountered other people. Apparently things weren't quite as bad as we thought. They told us something or other about the 'plague' and seemed to have some pretty basic, but effective plan and resources. The first people we encountered had a camper and some basic medical supplies and reassured us and made us feel very encouraged. When we encountered them I had a moment of recall like "oh, of course! I totally forgot we were going to run into these people" as if I was in a movie I had watched before and just had forgotten how the plot went.

    Later we were at a police station and a guy tried to steal some food or some supply of some kind and I at first half heartedly tried to stop him with this weird piece of equipment I had (it was like a hockey stick but padded with cloth or something). No one else noticed or cared about the thief so I nabbed him on the shoulder with the end of my clothed hockey stick and brought him back to the officers. Everyone was kinda like "dude, you didn't need to steal, we're all in this together--we gotta look out for each other, not take from one another". I can't remember what they did to him, whether they banished him from the camp or what. I don't think anything too terrible happened to him, tho.

    I think there was more to the dream and it gets fuzzy. There was a road, not very big, kinda like those roads you see in the Tour De France, and a lot of people were hiking up it or something--like someone had figured out where to go, but me and the people I was with weren't really feeling this whole pilgrimage situation. I think we headed off by ourselves; actually I think we left with the people we first met with the camper. I think we went to another town or something. Things started to settle down, got more calm. I don't remember what else happened.

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      And then Hellbent was a zombie a zombie was Hellbent.