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  1. I went to amazon to buy an Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to check out so I figured I'd email them to complain and they wouldn't let me email them about the check out process! I was only allowed to call them to ask them about it, so I selected another issue that I was complaining about (even though it wasn't what I wanted to write them about). Here is the letter:

    Wow Amazon, you are losing your way. Forcing me to call to make a complaint about the check out process? --not giving me the option to send an email to complain about the check out process because you want to convince me with your friendly service representatives that the new way is better? That's pretty annoying. But this isn't what I was writing to complain about. I seriously could not find the check out button. I had selected the item I wanted to purchase but all I could see was a barrage of annoying promotions. I'm not here to be manipulated into buying more things. I come to amazon to quickly and conveniently grab whatever I need and move on with my day, not be cajoled into furthering the over-the-top consumption of society. Now, due to Amazon's greed I will not buy anything from this website again. Good thing Amazon isn't the only place to buy things on the internet. I've been using Amazon for years to buy just about everything I want and need, but I'm more than happy to shop elsewhere.

    The same thing happens in the auto industry. The business model is that the only way is up. There is no such thing as "Hey, we did it. Nothing to improve." Instead, the philosophy is that we have to keep improving, keep making things *better*, regardless of what is needed; keep expanding our inordinate market share. Well some things don't need improvement. Sometimes it's just best to leave things well enough alone. On Amazon it was you select the items you want to buy, then you're given two options, continue shopping or check out. What was wrong with that? How is this new system better where I'm enraged because I can't even buy the item I want? I'm tired of people trying to improve things to the point they break them. And then to be corralled like I'm cattle into buying more stuff: it's disgusting. Is the company not big enough? Is the world really not enough? I'll be shopping elsewhere. Good day.

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    2. DoomUK


      EDIT: nm. misunderstanding.

    3. 40oz


      I hate complaining. I suck at it, especially over the phone or in person, But also because i feel the philosophy of it is silly and useless. If I don't like the way a company conducts their business, the best thing to do is to stop giving them money. Don't buy their products or services. It's the businesses that make products that people are so infatuated with that thrive. This is why Comcast will turn your $29.99 a month cable bill into $90 a month at the drop of a hat. Or that Domino's will charge $2 delivery fees, and expect tips, and only give their drivers four dollars to make change with. Even when consumers are being sodomized with over-inflated bills, they'll complain till their out of breath to keep their product or service for a price they can afford, making compromises and what not with shitty negotiators.

      When you're a wage slave like me, you gotta deal with customer complaints all the time.

      "This product broke after I used it"
      "There's a hair in my food"
      "My hot dog isn't hot enough"
      "This salad doesn't taste good"
      "The mirrors in your bathroom have too many fingerprints on it"

      The company I work for loves criticism, so when a customer has a complaint about a certain branch, they reward the customer with coupons for free stuff or $10 gift cards. Conversely they forward the complaints to the regional manager who is hanging by a thread to keep his high-paying job, throws a shit fit at his/her general managers, who then throw shit fits at us.

      "When you've got time to lean you've got time to clean!"
      "Tuck your shirt in! Comb your hair back! Shave that beard!"
      "Use your manners, greet all the customers, make eye contact, and always smile smile smile!"

      It sucks, because as word gets out that our company gives out shit to people who have shit to talk about us, the rate of complaints about us ramps up. We usually went months without complaints at a time, now we get them like twice a week. This makes my GM look bad, which stresses her out and takes it out on us for doing such a shitty job, when in actuality our customers are generally satisfied, and a satisfaction story to a company that is constantly trying to improve is worthless to them. So no reward for happy people! Now with this higher rate of complaints, we have to defend our store's quality by reducing them. So naturally, I get told that my side burns are too long, and my shoes are too dirty, and my pants can't have tears in them and I need to smile more and make polite conversation without disrupting the speed of the business. If I don't then I'm being insubordinate.

    4. Csonicgo


      40oz said:

      I hate complaining.

      We got some complaint-ception going on in here.