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  1. I went to amazon to buy an Oral-B Pro-Health Clinical Pro-Flex Toothbrush and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to check out so I figured I'd email them to complain and they wouldn't let me email them about the check out process! I was only allowed to call them to ask them about it, so I selected another issue that I was complaining about (even though it wasn't what I wanted to write them about). Here is the letter:

    Wow Amazon, you are losing your way. Forcing me to call to make a complaint about the check out process? --not giving me the option to send an email to complain about the check out process because you want to convince me with your friendly service representatives that the new way is better? That's pretty annoying. But this isn't what I was writing to complain about. I seriously could not find the check out button. I had selected the item I wanted to purchase but all I could see was a barrage of annoying promotions. I'm not here to be manipulated into buying more things. I come to amazon to quickly and conveniently grab whatever I need and move on with my day, not be cajoled into furthering the over-the-top consumption of society. Now, due to Amazon's greed I will not buy anything from this website again. Good thing Amazon isn't the only place to buy things on the internet. I've been using Amazon for years to buy just about everything I want and need, but I'm more than happy to shop elsewhere.

    The same thing happens in the auto industry. The business model is that the only way is up. There is no such thing as "Hey, we did it. Nothing to improve." Instead, the philosophy is that we have to keep improving, keep making things *better*, regardless of what is needed; keep expanding our inordinate market share. Well some things don't need improvement. Sometimes it's just best to leave things well enough alone. On Amazon it was you select the items you want to buy, then you're given two options, continue shopping or check out. What was wrong with that? How is this new system better where I'm enraged because I can't even buy the item I want? I'm tired of people trying to improve things to the point they break them. And then to be corralled like I'm cattle into buying more stuff: it's disgusting. Is the company not big enough? Is the world really not enough? I'll be shopping elsewhere. Good day.

    1. Grazza


      While having some sympathy with the overall thoughts in your final paragraph, I haven't noticed any change, or any particular annoyances, in the Amazon checkout process lately.

      Edit: Ah, I see the problem. This is an "add-on" item. It's too small an item for them to ship on its own, as the shipping cost would be too large relative to the item itself. Before they introduced this option, such items wouldn't have been available at all from Amazon. But it would be nice to be given the option of buying it at whatever the shipping cost would be, however horrendous. They probably reckon this would look bad, especially when compared to Marketplace vendors who were willing to shove the thing in an envelope and mail it standard first class. As it stands, you'd need to buy 7 of them (and then get free shipping).

    2. Hellbent


      Ahh, thanks for clearing that up Grazza!

      edit: btw, you should really try that toothbrush out. It is the bees' socks.

    3. exp(x)


      Pft, Sonicare is where it's at.

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