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  1. Ugh... finally got them to do a settlement on the account for $1900, which is only $370 less than what I owe, but still a whopping $515 more than the original amount of the loan when you factor in what I've already paid toward the balance. This is the fee I have to pay to get out of what would be an endless cycle of debt on my Freedom to Ride account. Avoid getting into debt at all costs. It's really not a place you want to be.

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    2. geo


      Dragonsbrethren said:

      No shit people making minimum wage busting their asses in a factory can't go up in the world, and then you suggest they make their lives even more miserable. For what?

      Sad part is its $2 above minimum wage. I think they can slightly go up, but they smoke and spend too much on food.

      Factory work is body destroying. One guy talked about his doctor bills from going blind for a week when he was a temp and now he's an employee. Now he has healthy insurance, but before he didn't. He's working to get out of debt from working...

    3. Dragonsbrethren


      Yeah, but that $5 meal might be the highlight of their day. They're already working a shitty job, at least let them get a little pleasure out of their money, rather than being as cheap as possible to pay off debts, that are probably going to take years to pay anyway, a little faster.

    4. geo


      I just don't want people to be in debt, but sometimes shit happens. I've seen a comic about how a bum on the street is the richest man in the city. No debt and $1 in change.