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  1. My grandfather is wont to roam about. We live in a very rural area. A few days ago some good samaritans found him on the road and were walking him back. I was calling for him from the porch up on the hill and they hollered back. Today, he wandered to the neighbors and I walked him back. Then he left again before supper and hasn't turned up since. We drove around and checked all his usual haunts but no one has seen him, so we called the police. Eventually K9s were deployed but still nothing. Now they have a chopper flying overhead that uses thermal imaging. Lot of deer out tonight. Hopefully my grandfather will be spotted among the wildlife.

    Oh, right, he has pretty advanced Alzheimer's and diabetes.

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    2. Hellbent


      my dad was looking up various GPS devices before we even found my grandpa. I like the one that's a wrist watch and you can track him on the iPhone (since his primary caregivers all have iPhones).

    3. darknation


      couple of things.

      first, aye, the tracker is a good idea. GPS might be slightly over the top tho; you can get ones that alarm when the person passes sensors mounted on your gate.

      second, paint the doors of your house the same colour as the walls. Sounds weird, but what people with advanced dementia look for are shapes rather than objects; that big wooden square at the end of the corridor must be a door, yes? By camouflaging the door against the walls you'll remove the whole idea of 'oo door let's go outside' and keep him wandering inside.

      sounds like you two are doing a better job of caring for your grandfather than 98% of the shitheads who walk through the door at my work, so don't let this sort of shit get you down too much. It's actually refreshing to see people trying for once.

      good luck mang.

    4. Creaphis


      It sounds like you guys have the patience of saints and good attitudes about all this. You'll be fine. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride.